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Old Man Bodybuilding


After 20+ years of martial arts and associated training, lot's of bodyweight and more recently kettlebells, I'm back to good old working out in the gym. I've been lucky enough to pick up a good bit of knowledge along the way, most of it state of the art at the time. Meet Arthur Jones in the early 80s working at a big Nautilus center, Nakamura,Ken Hutchins, worked with Steve Maxwell, Pavel etc...but the injuries have convinced me to dedicate myself to what I'm calling OMBB, and frankly I'm enjoying it.

To kick off the new program, in addition to reading this whole site, I did a consult with a very cool and unbelievably built old guy George DeFranco (the Dad of the guy that wrote the Westside for Skinny Bastards article). Scroll down this link for a pic of George.


I'm going to let in the stuff we talked about get worked into my program then post a pic on my 46th B-day (3/2/2006)Hopefully with bigger arms.

Just wanted to de-lurk.


DeFranco is built better than most guys 30 years younger than him.


And stronger.


Welcome to the forum!

Your experience will be welcomed by the wise and attacked by the ignorant. :slightly_smiling:



Welcome, and good luck with your goal (from another 46-year-old)!

Since you've been lurking for a year, I'm sure you're already familiar with the many personalities and attitudes on the site, so don't fret Zeb's comment.


Fret? Why would he "fret" my comment?
Simple words to heed when on this site.


We share the same birthday (although I'll only be 42 on 3/2/06) : )

Recent back injuries and some nerve damage had me doing "old man bodybuilding" for the past several months. Body seems to have responded and rehab'd pretty well so I'm going to try and go heavy this week.

Time will tell.


I do feel your pain. I hurt my back by just picking up a pice of wood. This happened last Sunday and I have been on pain meds and muscle relaxers since. I start back tomorrow, very light.



As a member of another forum I am immune to, and have been known to engage in some internet intrigue of my own, so no worries on that front.

The program is coming into shape nicely, but still a fair amount of trying different machines and variations to figure out what works and doesn't hurt.

Goals are to add an inch to my arms, shoulders and calves while maintaining the same BF% by Memeorial Day.

It has actually taken me a couple months to "remember" how to do a high rep non ballistic set, but all the old techniques are falling into place.

Basically I'd like to have bigger arms, shoulders and calves. When I get the program pretty set I'll post it and welcome comments.



Ok so based on the stuff i talked to George about and Gironda's 8x8 and working around my broke parts:

3 day split (probably train 4-5 days per week




Main leg moves will be leg ext and leg curl - legs are de-emphasized -not looking for growth there. Main shoulder drill will be a complex of 10 b.o. raise, 10 lateral raises and 10 scott presses (the only press that doesn't light up my shoulder). The main back move will be Reeves rows and low Pulley row. On the 8x8 sets are done with less then 30 sec rest. This fits in nicely with a number of my program goals - lighter weights, limited selection of lifts and leaness v. size as priority.

Started yesterday with:

Reeves Row 8x8x100
Low Pulley Row 8x8x80 (light, 90 next time)
Calf machine 8x8x150
leg press calf raise 8x8x130
hypers 8x8xBW
swiss ball crunch 8x8xBW

We'll see.