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Old Man Benching

Day of the living bench.
Guys this was my bench this week and I am still 9 weeks out from the meet. So look out Austin the geezer lifter is a coming to your town.

So I hit the gym minus my training partner who is nursing a bad shoulder. He injured it trying to keep up with me on decline bench presses.

So I did a warm up 12 reps with the bar varying grips every 3 reps. Then stretches and to a set of 10 with 135 and more stretches.

Then sets of 3 with 200 lbs, 245 lbs, 275lbs, and finishing with 300 lbs. Yes best in years and each rep was fully paused and NO BENCH PRESS SHIRT WAS USED. Now I am feeling like the cock of the walk. Not to mention getting congrats from other younger powerlifters.

Next floor presses I did set of 3 with 210, and adding a chain to each side for another set of 3. Then with 2 sets of chains added I did a set of 3 full pause on bottom each rep and power up. This is about 294lbs at the top. Damn I am feeling like the king of the world.

Next a set of incline dumbbell presses 1 set of 20 with 55 lbs.
Then a set of 20 seated cable rows with palms facing and 140lbs.

Next a set of plate raises 20 reps with a 45 lb plate.
Finish off with tricep extensions 7 sets of 8 with only 15 seconds rest. The first 4 done with 20lb dumbbells then I kicked it up, to 25lbs for next 3 sets. I kicked it up like I do my cooking.
I actually got an admiring look from a good looking woman trainer with a super hot bod.

Life is good for this dirty old man.

you go boy!
good work!
ask her out and give her a poke!

Nice work. Might as well push it hard when it’s there.

Ya, no better feeling than a good pounding workout!!

How old is old?

Did you mention anywhere in that post just how old you are?

Will you be competing at the Longhorn meet in Austin?

[quote]tinman915 wrote:
Did you mention anywhere in that post just how old you are?[/quote]

ON profile it lists it, but I am 55 yrs old.

[quote]firebug9 wrote:
Will you be competing at the Longhorn meet in Austin?[/quote]

Yes if we ever get the entries. Kim told me a week and a half ago she got approval and was mailing the entries. Why she does not have Chris put them online I do not know.

Nice job bro. I hope Im still hitting it hard at that age. As it is I laid off for 15 years and started back up 3 years ago. I competed in the 198’s back in 83-85. My best total was 1527 and I had been lifting for 3 years. Im 42 now. I had some setbacks getting started again, MONO, CFS, Fibromyalgia. Due to pain I could not bench 135 comfortably so I didnt until recently. The last 6 months however have me comming back strong. I hit 365 for 1 rep Sunday in the gym, (No Shirt) so im feeling real good about maybe competeing in Dallas in Nov. bench only in the masters 40-44 @ 220lbs. My goal is to surpass 500 by the time Im 44. I think its great at 55 your still hanging in there. Have you seen Sr on American chopper bench 405 at age 58? His butt came off the bench, but it was still a pretty strong lift.

Anyway, congrats bro