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Old MAG-10 the Destrouer


I may have found a bottle of MAG-10 the Destroyer from years ago in my closet from when Biotest was still selling it. However the label says the lot was best by 12/06, is it still safe to use? It is still sealed. I just am unsure if the pills would just be weaker, or if they should just be chucked. Thanks for the help.


May be weaker, but not by much. No problem with using it. To my understanding at least. Im not a chemist.


It should be chucked, best way to do that is to mail it to me and I'll make sure it is properly disposed of...


Definitely safe. Worst case scenario is it's inert, and I doubt that. It might have lost some potency but I wouldn't chuck it.


That's what I figured, thanks for the help.