Old Mag 10 bottle

I bought a bottle of Mag a couple of years ago just after it was on the market in the uk.
I’ve always wanted to take it when I’ve hit a plateau, but because of exams and work pressures and moving house etc etc, my training hasn’t been consistent to say the least.
Anyway it says the following on the side of the bottle:
EXP date: 02/05.
Is this date in the uk format? i.e. expiring in February 2005, or US format
expiring in May 2002?
Even if it is May 2002, I’ve kept it in the fridge, would it be ok?

February 2005.


Thanks for the reply Jeff,
but isn’t the US format year/month? which would make it May 2002???

Jay, you may be thinking of the military format, which is a DD-MM-YY format, an example being 06-04-2003.

Either way, you’re good to go! (grin)