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Old Looking Europeans


I've been living in Europe now for a while and one thing that really strikes me is how old some people look relative to their age here. In England and the Netherlands, and to a lesser degree France and Germany people look much older than I'd rate them. Now I'm not talking about 16 year olds looking like they're 20, I'm talking about 20 year olds looking like they're 30 and 30 year olds looking like they're 40.

I wonder why this is. Is it polution, or the food? They do seem to drink a lot of alcohol and eat lot's of carbs, but I'm not sure. Do any of you have any idea why is is the case?


Cigarettes and espresso do not a good diet and healthy lifestyle make.


..less plastic surgery..:wink:


Yup, I think the cigarettes play a huge role.


I try to keep things positive, but, I just back from Dublin, and I would add "and butt ugly too". It actually started stateside waiting at the gate. There was a large group of ladies heading home after a shopping holiday.

With only one exception, they were wearing very stylish clothes, but were pasty faced, overweight and butt ugly. The exception was a 14 or 15 year old stylish, pasty faced angel. Of course I didn't look at her, much.


I have to agree that Brits do tend to look older than they are...and their ladies tend to look not-too-beautiful. It's certainly not the sun eating away at their skin with its UVs! I don't know what it is.

But in the south of Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece...) I'd say people look younger than they are; I don't mean 20 years, but certainly a few. These countries also have a lot of smokers, so it can't be the cigarettes making the Brits old. And I'll add that the women in these countries are prettier by a long stretch.

I just hope that with the help of T-Nation I'll end up looking 100 at 140.


Well not sure i agree here...
Ugly people are everywhere. Yes even in america. Maybe the whole smoking/drinking thing is a relevant point but not enough to age an entire continent. In short i think the case in point here is total bollocks.


Maybe american people are more honest when you ask about their age. Do you ask everyone?


Geez..that must be it!...When you ask Cher how old she is, she will honestly answer you she just turned 18!..

Kiddin' me, right?


I think it's probably genetics. Most of my relatives don't eat or live very healthy, yet because they're Asian they look younger than most people think they are.


I can't imagine diet has owt to do with it. While Americans on this board may have theirs in order generally US diets are among the worst in the world, certainly they're no better than over here. Alcohol may be a cause - England for example is the binge drinking capital of europe and alcohol is known to dehydrate skin and increase fine lines.


could well be alcohol, 90% of people eat fairly poorly too. Quite common for people in my village to go out and drink 10 pints on friday night

then hit the pub at 11.30 saturday, have another 5 or 6, then do the same on sunday

no wonder there are so many road crashes on a monday morning. Also i was raised in the 70s on a diet of findus crispy pancakes and chips. I'm sure i must have had borderline malnutrition for years as a kid. So i guess that hasn't helped.


I never noticed the older looking part but I always made the generalization that Europeans seemed smalled on average.

Obviously there are exceptions but at 6' and 220ibs. I always felt like a giant in Europe.


Funny, I lived in northern Europe all my life (no not Brittain and no I'm not ugly....) but I think the opposite. I live a couple of years in the midwest now and I am surprised how fat and old looking the people are here. And even more how bad their style in clothing is. Anyway, I do love it here so I'll stop complaining.


I think smoking is more prevalent in the rest of Europe than the UK, although many people smoke. The diet in the Uk is probably some of the worst in Europe. In the north (but also nationwide) people live on stuff like meat pies, chips (French Fries), Crisps (Potato Chips), Beer and coffee. No exaggeration, I know guys who live on Burger King, Kebabs, Fish and Chips and Carling lager.

Whilst there are some right munters as far as women go, there are some totally foxy ladies all over the place. It think its the same in msot countries.

I don't really think the US has any more good looking people than the UK per population. In the states there are certainly more obese people, and you have a damn good share of ugly people.

If people look a little haggard over here (UK) its probably just tiredness from when we ran the world and had a lot of stress being one hard bastard nation ruling lots of countries.


Yeah, Cher is living proof that you yanks have superior genes. :wink:


I agree with this. My mom looks pretty young despite being near 55 years old. I am sure she could pass for 40 at least, if not younger. However, she has never smoked or drank alcohol more than occasionally. She finally joined a gym (after me trying to get her to all of my life) so hopefully she feels younger as well.