Old Lifter Needs Cycle Advise

I’m 57 been doing the iron game a long time. That said I’ve only done a few cycles and need some help. Currently running a blend. Not my first choice but that’s what it is. Test E & C with tren. 1cc every 6 days. Waiting on DIM and Novalex. Sore nipples with very small lump. Had this issue a yr ago it went away. I thought about unplugging. DIM has nice reviews, Novalex within 2 wks. Does this sound reasonable? I’m not trying to take over the world. Just fight fathertime. 2nd question is about a Anavar only cycle and how long should I wait between cycles. I expect this cycle not to exceed 12 weeks not including PCT. Clomid is what I have. First post…be gentle…lol