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Old Informative Westside Thread

yeah you know the one. Pages and pages of great info from several years back???

Well, ive searched and searched and cannot find. Can anyone help?

would be appreciated greatly.


Yup can help.

Id say search members for Big Martin and then find all post. Him, B.Whiddon, etc their training logs were loaded with info. and any BIG thread on west side they were in on.

I did a quick one and well my ISP is slow as hell right now for some reason only made it back to 2004 but BM’s find all post it is 90% westside.

Here is his newist training log 11 pages of stuff. I dragged it out.


Try and get back to '03 or so and I bet you’ll find it.

Hope that helps,

There are these 3 threads:

Westside Questions!

Westside Questions II

Westside Questions III

many thanks guys…

ill keep searching too.