OLD H.S. Football Memories

Alright Fellow Polk High Alumni. Since football season is starting, I cant help but to think about those old football memories. I want to hear everyones favorite H.S. football stories.(That Includes weight lifting and practice)

I’ll start,
We made the semi finals in 5a the previous year, and our cross town rivals were in the lower division than us. THey were undefeated 2 yr state champs, and during this time there was a big difference between 4a and 5a schools. But they never wanted to play us. They also had ranked the number one DB and RB blue chip in the nation. They came into our house and met our pride. 10,000 fans and the news were all there. We held there blue chip RB to negative 13 yards and beat em 35 to 7. I threw some nice blocks to.

weightlifting :
I decided to go for the Boards in deadlift, and set for number ten at 500lbs. I walked up to coach and asked him to watch me get 500 deadlift.

The whole team came over, I pulled it about one inch off the ground, milimeter by milimeter it started moving, stuck under my knees everyone was screaming I couldn’t even hear them. It took me 60 seconds of straight pulling then I finally got my shoulders back and brought it down. FYI, I shit my pants and popped a blood vessel. BUt it was worth it!

Weighing 120 pounds in grade 10 and getting tackled by a 230 pound guy at full speed while I was barely moving (had another guy coming from another direction and just sorta froze).

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In one season as quarterback, I threw six interceptions that were returned for touchdowns by the other team. I think that might be some sort of record.

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I think alott of us started lifting for football in HS. So whats the problem with that?

All my favorite high school football memories come from the post-game parties…

[quote]Bauer97 wrote:
All my favorite high school football memories come from the post-game parties…[/quote]

LOL mine too.

Getting moved up to varsity my sophmore year was amazing. Running in the high 4.6’s at 17 years of age was cool.

The friends I made as well.

Free Safety right here.

Sophomore year, first and last game on varsity that year as a 132lb DB, TiAndre Sanders (who ended up playing at U of Houston) knocked me down, stepped on my chest, and pretty much walked the last 5 yards into the endzone.

For the next few years that play was part of the montage of clips leading into the sports each and every night on a local news channel.

Later in that game I injured my knee, ended up having three surgeries and getting a staph infection while in the hospital. Missed about half the school year before it was all said and done.

Best lifting memories:

  1. Seeing a guy cleaing without clips. The weight slid off right about the time the spotter got there and the bar (still loaded on the other side) whipped up and took a handful of the spotter’s teeth with it.

  2. Seeing a 190lb kid put 600lbs on the bar, squatting it (admittedly a touch high), and then having it just crush him as he took a step to rack it. It shot him rolling out of the weightroom (which had roll up garage doors) and fell through both of the supports in the power rack, throwing sparks as it did. The bar was bent all to hell.

at 330 lbs i blocked a punt and took it back 55 yards. i ran about a 5 flat, and at 6’2’’ with long arms i got hand written letters from about 4 top 20 colleges.