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Old Gyno and New Courses


Hi Folks, My first post on this forum (wish I was on here years ago so much useful information). A bit of history... I've had a 2 year lay off training as other life commitments dragged me away from the gym. Previously I had devoted all of my time to training, I was a boxer at school and for a while after and always loved training.

I decided my true passion was with the training and not the fighting which was my original drive to get into bodybuilding. Eventually I was lucky enough to train with our regions champ. He taught me absolutely tons but unfortunately I had a bit of break down due to matters in life I won't go into... This is where the problem began.

Young and stupid I did not think about the consequences of my steroid use and despite knowing better and having done other cycles with correct PCT I jacked everything in 'cold turkey' Surprise surprise I developed gyno! I have reasonably solid discs under both nipples, slightly worse in the left (nips have been left puffy except for when they're cold) What a plonker! I've managed to live with it thus far by keeping my body fat in check and only loosing the shirt on holiday where I wouldn't know anyone anyway. I have to say it is incredibly demoralising and more so to be a good 4.5 stone lighter at the same time!

I've now decided to get back to training seriously as I've never been as truly happy as those days. Right now I have no intentions of doing a cycle as I'm seeing good results, possibly due to muscle memory.

What I would like to know is... Are my days of juice gone forever or could I consider a cycle that would offer some improvements when things plateau in perhaps a years time without making the gyno worse. Obviously there's always a risk but will it be elevated by the presence of existing tissue? I've been reading about moderate dose primo depot cycles but would these be 'safe' in terms of not sending the gyno back into 'growth mode', or could something better be used?

Would clomid alone be sufficient for PCT? On stronger cycles I'd used hcg, nolva, arimidex but I'd rather leave the hcg alone if possible. Obviously a moderate primo cycle isn't going to set the world alight but I could live with that. I want to give consideration to cycles now so that I can plan them properly or leave them well alone plenty in advance to getting to that temptation point.

Of course many people will say don't bother etc. etc. But this really is a hypothetical question for now.

Look forward to your responses.