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Old Guys Working Out

OK today we had a great workout. First off following the Brad Gillingham deadlift program. So today hard work, no gear, not even a belt.
We warm up with a set of 12 knee bends, then stretch. Next power cleans, sets of 5. My younger partner did 2 sets of 5 with 95, then 5 with 155, then 185, then 215. He is a 39 yr old super heavy who just learned how to do power cleans.

Myself the old geezer I did 2 sets with 95, then one with 135, then 155, then a single with 185. I am feeling strong enough to stay out of the nursing home today.

next Zercher squats, these I love. He did sets of 5 with 125, 175, then 225, then whined a lot. Until his wife showed up, then whined some more.
Next speed deadlifts. I did 6 sets of 1 with 35 seconds rest between sets, using 315lbs. I feel strong enough to chase nurses.

My partner did 6 sets of 1 with 495, but started experiencing back pain. Funny before he got married he never had this much pain. What is she doing to him?

Next Romanian deadlifts. using the same weights and still no belt. We did sets of 5 with 250lbs, 275, then 300. On my last rep with 300 I yelled out, Growing old is not for sissies. It is not. My partner had to leave his back was hurting too much. So I the older guy finished off with some seated cable rows for sets of 12, then crunches, 4 sets of 25. Now bring on the sassy and buxom wenches.
Crap my wife better not read this.

[quote]Senseial wrote:
Hard work…

Thats some hard stuff from a buncha’ hard guys, Baby…

Think that is tough you should see our squat sessions. More darn fun. All this pain and yet we are afraid to go to the dentist.

And the dentist is afraid when you go.