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A Motivated Workout.

Yeah baby it sure was. I got to the gym today and there was a group of lifters doing their strongman training day. Man sleds, yokes, tanks, only thing missing was the prowler or big stones.
Then a couple of Special Olympians were training too. Watching their enthusiasm was more motivating.
So I did a set of old fashioned deep knee bends for 12 repetitions. These get the blood flowing and I can stretch.
Then to power cleans to further the warming up process. Sets of 5 with light weight, 85 lbs. 105, then 125. I do my workouts in sweat shirts so I do burn some extra and stay warm. I weighed the shirt at the beginning and it was slightly under a pound.

So now for high bar squats. I did these for the first time in years just 3 weeks ago. I mean prior to that I last did them when George H was in the White House. So I did sets of 8 with 115, 135, then 155 and now I feel ready for the meat of the workout.

Now for a drumroll please.
Front squats with a safety squat bar. These are awesome, and good for someone with my limited flexibility. So I did sets of 5 with the bar, 125, 145, and 165. Then 3 sets of 3 with 220, and no belt throughout. I do not even pack my belt anymore leaving it at home in the box with my squat suits, bench shirts, wraps, and list of what my wife likes for presents. Hey I am prepared that way.

Finishing these I was invited outside. They were almost done with their yoke work and wanted to know if I would try it. You know even as old as I am I occasionally cave into peer pressure. So for the first time in my 227 years on this planet I get under the yoke and actually walk with it. I covered a whopping 6 feet with the 400 lbs and no belt. Once I got moving it started to move and screwed me up. I will try it again sometime.

Then instead of deadlifts or Romanian deadlifts, I hit the hand over hand sled pull. We pull the sled across the floor of the leg room, using a thick rope, and weight. It covers a distance of about 40 feet. The twisting motion hits the trunk of the body, the pulling hits the lats, and the hand over hand is pure arm strength. First time I pull it pretty well, with only 110 lbs on the sled. Then I do it again with 165 lbs on the sled. Then I do a third set with 190 on the sled. I must be nuts.

So finish off the back with 3 sets of T bar rows. I load the bar with 50 lbs, then 100 lbs, then 135 for 8 reps each. Man my back is feeling huge and the motivation of watching 2 of the strong men really fired me up. These guys did 8 reps with 6 of the 45 lb plates on the bar, and a 100 lb plate. Guess I caved in again.

Then I finish off with my vertical crunches 4 sets of 20 with the green bands then out of there.
I will pay for this tomorrow I know it.

That sounds like a blast. Wish there was a place like that close to us.

And, yes, I guess you are a bit sore today. But worth it.

Sore hell.
The next day back at it.
Started with 15 mins on elliptical trainer.
Then dumbbell bench presses sets of 12 with 35 and 50, then sets of 10 with 70 85, and 80.
Then incline dumbbell presses with a twist. We put a purple band around the back and in our hands. Add severall pounds at the top. So did sets of 12 with 25 35 and 45. My partner who is 17 years younger could only must 6 with the 45.
Then Pec dec sets of 15 with 130 and 150.

Then a tri set 10 reps each exercise and did side laterals, front raises and then rear flys. Used 20 lbs first tric set, then 25.
Then close grip bench press set of 10 with 135. Then my warped mind kicked into gear. Putting 3 10lb plates on each side we did descending set. I did 10 reps with 195, 3 with 175, 2 with 155, and then 3 with 135. Had someone on each side to peel plates off so rest was real minimal. My training partner did 7 reps with 195, 2 with 175 and 1 each wtih 155 and 135. He is also a super heavy.

Then overhead extensions with a v handle on pressdown machine. Sets of 12 with 50 65 then 60.
Then sets of hammer curls with 35 lbs for 2 sets of 12.
We also did 2 sets of 25 crunches for the abs.
I am so gonna pay tomorrow but I loved it.