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Old Guy Workouts

Dr. Darden, I am 70 yrs old, 6’5" 235 lbs, and have been training at home using your various principles for many years; results have been good. I currently work out every four days employing two routines using 30-10-30 or 30-30-30 except as noted below. I am not getting burnt out from training and try to get 8 solid hours of sleep each night.

Routine A
Nautilus Power Plus Leg Ext
Weighted Calf Raise - 15 reps
Neg Dip - 4 sec reps for 8-10 reps
Nautilus Power Plus Preacher Curl
Nautilus Next Gen Lateral Raise
Barbell Wrist Curl 12 reps
Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl 12 reps

Routine B
Dumbbells Squat
Hammer Strength Leg Press 12 reps
Wall Squat hold in parallel position for 30-60 sec
No rest between above three exercises
Nautilus Power Plus Pullover
Dumbbell Flyes
Dumbbell Bench
Nautilus Next Gen Lower Back
Nautilus Power Plus 4 way neck, back, front, left, right

In addition I do 30 minutes of treadmill each day at a 2.5 speed and a 10 degree incline as I don’t move from exercise to exercise with no rest except as noted, I would classify the treadmill as quite moderate cardio.

Kindly comment on ordering of the exercises, amount of exercise and frequency; I would appreciate your thoughts, thanks in advance.


I don’t see a single exercise that I would change in your workouts. You’ve done an excellent job.