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Old Guy Trying to Get Strong


Thanks man, we’re hanging out with the young ones, they need us old guys to stay on the course :slight_smile:
Hey! we are NOT old, we are mature.

Thats me, I gain weight but it all sits on the guts.
Today the missus told me I looked better when I was 165-167 pounds… go figure.
I’ll hang in here for at least the rest of the year gaining some weight.


My wife wants me to lose the gut and get abs again, but she’s being totally supportive of my strongman goals. She went with me to Strongman Day in Lee’s Summit, Missouri today, and took a picture of me doing an axle wagon wheel deadlift and sent it to all the kids with a note ‘Look, here’s dad deadlifting 475!’. So, she must be a little bit proud. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, 10/7/18 Strongman Day at Bodies Health and Fitness in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Warmup: Log clean and press away at 135#, Barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/2/3

Log clean and press:

2x185# x a lot, hit 2 reps most of the time, only hit 1 rep a few times, missed completely 1 time due to a bad clean. Also had several sets where I failed the first rep, then recovered and got 1-2 reps without setting the log down. Also did 2 sets off pins where we didn’t clean it, but went back to cleaning after 2 sets because we all really needed to work on cleans.

Axle wagon wheel deadlift:


Yoke carries:

I didn’t try to hit competition weight on the log, just worked on a lot of cues on doing the log right. I re-watched Brian Alsruhe’s log video this morning, and then Matt gave me a lot of pointers and feedback, so I’m feeling a lot better about the log right now.

Deadlift felt good, except the new figure 8 straps I got are too small, so I can barely use them, only used them on the 475. Also, that axle is smooth and slick, so hard as hell to hold onto without straps. I wanted to hit 475 just because it’s enough different from the tire deadlift at Strength Guild that I wanted to be sure I had it in me. Also forgot to lock in my belt, so it could have been easier than it was. Did a bunch of drop sets for volume.

Matt has the 225# stone that’s going to be our competition stone, but we didn’t play with it today because he doesn’t want to initiate the gym to tacky just yet, and the stone is brand new and smooth, so without tacky there’s no point even trying. He’s going to try to set up to go next weekend to a place where we can play with stones and tacky, so here’s hoping that works out.

Also, here’s a bonus picture of me deadlifting 475 with belt unlatched, from behind because that’s where my wife was sitting.


You are a big dude…


Thanks, I definitely take that as a complement coming from you. The only problem is I’m 5’7", so at 200# I’m 40# or more lighter than a lot of you guys. At my age, I’m figuring I’ve probably hit close to my biological limit for putting on muscle, so now my goal is to get as much strength as I can out of the muscle I have. That, and get abs again after the new year…


So, I managed to Jack up my knee yesterday, doing log press of all things. When we were doing the logs off of the pins, the pins were set too high for me and when I dipped for leg drive, I hit the pins and it got me off-balance and my right knee tweaked a bit. It didn’t affect my deadlifting or carrying, but it was a little stiff last night and I woke up with it really sore and stiff. I skipped work today, and I’ve been icing and applying heat, and working on mobility and self-massage carefully. Probably not going to squat tomorrow as planned.

And I would love to know why my tablet tried to autocorrect deadlifting to falsifying…


You said it, it’s autocorrect, there’s no reasoning for what it does.

Hope it’s not serious with the knee.


So, Monday I could barely walk, couldn’t fully extend or flex my knee. Tuesday I could walk okay, but limping and holding the handrail on the stairs. I had the NP at work look at it yesterday, and everything is firm, no looseness from ligament or tendon damage, she says I probably irritated the meniscus or bursus on the outside, possibly a slight meniscus tear but hopefully not. Today it’s feeling a lot better, but I’m still holding off going back to the gym, and life has been conspiring to keep me out of the gym anyway, the last few days. So, this will be an unplanned deload week, I guess. I may skip squat day completely and do a bench day before the weekend.


sounds sane, hope it’s not serious.


Ended up taking the full 6 days off, and went to strongman day in Lee’s Summit again yesterday. Knee is still a little achey, but it’s working okay.


Warmup: barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/2/3

Wagon wheel deadlifts a bunch, mostly light, worked up to 5x385#.

Stone over bar a few 100# to warm up, 5x 165#, a couple singles and 1 double at 225#, which is 5# over contest weight.

Log clean and press a bunch, worked up to 2x180# a couple times, and failed at 200# a couple of times.

So, I can officially be confident that I won’t zero anything except log, right now. I should have worked on log first, but I was sort of moving around between implements, and by the time I got to 200# on the log I was pretty beat. I’ll keep working on it, and hope that since it’s the first event on contest day I’ll have at least 1 rep.

Edit: forgot to note that the stones up to 165# were without tacky, but no way was 225# going up without tacky. It’s a brand new, smooth stone, and I could barely budge it off the floor before it slid out of my hands. Put on some tacky, and it’s amazing how much difference that makes. I’m going to tape my arms up first next time, though. After the first couple of times, it felt like the skin on my forearms was going to peel off and stick to the stone. I’ve actually got some pretty good abrasions and a little bruising inside both of my forearms today. Lesson learned.


So, this week is turning into a flu-induced deload week. Just what I needed, 2 deload weeks in a row less than a month before a competition, right?


It might even serve you good Steve. You have 4 weeks to work back up to a peak. I’m not really sure how to do it though.


What happens, happens.

IMO your best bet is to get well. Then look at how much time you have before the competition and work with that.