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Old Guy Trying to Get Lean for T-ransformation2019



Quick update before I head to the gym. First, the concert was awesome, if a bit late in starting. Show was supposed to start at 730 but the band didn’t take the stage until 9. They opened with 'Seek and Destroy, did a whole lot of their old classics including ‘One’, ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’, ‘Battery’, ‘Creeping Death’, ‘Fuel’ and ‘Unforgiven’ mixed in with some of their newer stuff I’m not as familiar with but that rocked nonetheless. They did an impromptu rendition of ‘Run Like Hell’ for David Gilmour’s birthday, which I didn’t know was yesterday until they did it. That was probably the weakest part of the performance, tbh, but Pink Floyd music is made to be a lot more melodic and clean, and like I said, it seemed to be somewhat impromptu, and I still enjoyed it. 2 and a half hours of straight performance, which was awesome except the seats in that venue are ridiculously tiny with no leg room, so my knees were killing me by the end. I’d rather have been on the floor. It was pretty much sold out, 19K+ people in there.

3/6/19 food for yesterday

Breakfast: Shake = 1 cup whole milk, 1 large egg, 1 scoop quick oats, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder. 1 banana.

Lunch: Large salad = spinach, broccoli, bell pepper, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, carrots, radishes, olives, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar. 1 can of tuna with Frank’s Red Hot.

Dinner: Leftover crock pot dinner of roast beef with potatoes, carrots and onions, with brown gravy made from the juice. Smaller portions than yesterday because I ate early, only 3 hours after lunch, to get food in me before leaving for the show.

Snack: 2x24 oz Boulevard Irish Ale drank before the show started, enough to get a slight buzz, was totally gone 3 hours later when we left, a few calories there.

Bedtime: 1 scoop protein powder with creatine.

Totals for today 2315 calories, 164g protein, 199g carbs, 78g fat. Carbs and calories high because of the beer, but it was expected and planned for. Totally worth it.

3/7/19 morning weigh-in 191.4# An expected blip because of the beer last night, plus a couple glasses of water through the night to keep from getting dehydrated. Should be back on track tomorrow.


3/7/19 5/3/1 full body giant sets cycle 2 day 7 squat primary/press secondary

Warmup: barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/1/1

Main giant set:

Working sets:

working sets:

30# weighted chin-ups 1/2/3/4/5/6

Accessory giant set:

1 arm DB press:

Krok rows:

Zercher squats:

Conditioning run: 10x115m semi-sprints, 30 sec rest between. First 2 laps were slower to warm up, the rest were about 80%, enough that I needed the :30 rest between laps.

Squats felt strong today, I push up to 325# on the joker sets, and it moved just fine, I could have done more. I swapped out to weighted chin-ups for press day, just used a dumbbell between my feet, not as good as a belt but got the job done. 6 reps was no problem, definitely getting stronger on chins. DB press felt weak today, of all things. I actually had to pause for a few seconds on the last couple reps on the last set.


Solid squatting and some good conditioning too. That’ll take care of those two beers!


Nice squatting Steve, well done.
I think the first lift to suffer when we diet down is the press.


Thanks, and I think that got the beers well enough.

I think this was more a matter of lagging a little from the poor sleep and beer the night before. It didn’t feel weak 5 days ago when I hit 3x170 on the barbell press. I think today’s squats were good in spite of the night before, just because I’m working further away from my true max on squats.

3/7/19 food for yesterday

Breakfast: Shake = 1 cup whole milk, 1 large egg, 1 scoop quick oats, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder. 1 navel orange.

Lunch (immediately post-workout): 1/2 of a chicken/steak/chorizo fajita meal from La Hacienda. A bunch of chips and salsa.

Dinner: Other 1/2 chicken/steak/fajita meal. 4 oz. of refried beans.

Snack: 15g of deluxe mixed nuts.

Bedtime: 1 scoop protein powder with creatine.

Totals for today 2336 calories, 157g protein, 205g carbs, 96g fat. A little lower on the protein and higher on the other two than I would have liked, but the Mexican food had what it had. 146 calories above baseline, 852 calories below baseline correcting for exercise done today.

3/8/19 morning weigh-in 190.6# Back in the 190’s again, and I figure if it hadn’t been for the concert and beer I would have had 3 days in a row sub-191. Target for next week, sub-190.


How long have you been stuck at 190 - 191 ?? May be time to make a small change. Increase the cardio or a slight drop in cals ?? Maybe just less 24oz beers will do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fewer binge days would be good. Speaking of which:

3/8/19 food for today

Breakfast: Shake = 1 cup whole milk, 1 large egg, 1 scoop quick oats, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder. 1 apple.

Lunch: Leftover crock pot dinner of roast beef with potatoes, carrots and onions, with brown gravy.

Snack while watching Captain Marvel with the kids: 1 cup popcorn. 5.85 oz bag of Jack’s Links jalapeno beef jerky. I controlled myself on the popcorn, and didn’t mean to eat the whole bag of jerky, but I just kept taking small bites and then it was just gone…

Dinner: 1/2 of a steak fajita plate from Casa Ramos in Emporia. Large handful of chips with salsa.

Bedtime: 1 scoop creatine.

Totals for today 2333 calories, 193g protein, 215g carbs, 86g fat. 143 calories over my target. I would have been good on the day if I hadn’t bought that beef jerky. I got plenty of protein in, but also a lot of carbs, and a ton of sodium again. I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but I did have a good night out with my son and daughter. Too many days like this the last couple of weeks, I need to tighten things up. I’m still eating under maintenance every day, just not like I should be.


It’s funny how the body gets stuck at cestain points along the way. It’s almost like there are windows of comfort level where the body wants to be. I stuck at 169–70 for what seemed like a few weeks, and then bam! Went down to 163 in a weekend. My guess is that something happened with glycogen stores. I crossed some sort of threshold when the cells weren’t carrying as much water… hence the quick drop. Who knows. Bet your about to drop since you have been there for a bit.


You’ve been eating like me - the good old IIFYM approach.


@simo74 I’ve been here like 2 weeks now. Still losing weight each week, but it’s trickled down to about .5#/week.

@jackolee I think it also has something to do with not being as consistent as I should be with the eating, but the last good week I had was a 2.5# drop over 1 weekend, so maybe I have another one of those in store.

@JMaier31 I don’t think it’s going to get any better this week, either. My stepson is up on spring break, so there’s going to be more eating out, and the wife pampering him and fixing all his favorite foods, because his dad doesn’t cook much of anything. I’ll just have to be mindful of portion control and keep hitting the gym. I might have a workout partner for the week, though, if I can get him to go to the gym with me. The feed starts this morning, I’m fixing chorizo and eggs for breakfast…

3/9/19 Morning weigh-in 190.4#

So, this last weeks numbers are:
3/3 - 191.6#
3/4 - 191.0#
3/5 - 191.0#
3/6 - 190.4#
3/7 - 191.4#
3/8 - 190.6#
3/9 - 190.4#

For an average of 190.9#, down 0.6# from 191.5# last week. Even with the intermittent crappy eating this last week, it’s still going the right direction. Still, even on my bad days I’ve still been 2-300 calories under maintenance. I need to pick up the pace again, though. We’ll see how this next week goes.


Keep the intermentant crap as long as you can as long as you’re still losing weight! I think I went to clean too fast. Lost a lot of weight quick, but it affected my gym weight and energy levels. Added some volume back into diet and am feeling better, and hit a new low today…189.5. 9.5 to go! I am going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe damnit. Pants already dont fit and I’m in 32s. I think I’ll be looking at wearing 30s. Hadn’t seen that since I was a kid. Kind of weird lol.


That’s a good point that maybe I’ve been overlooking. There’s been zero impact on my gym performance so far. I’ve been attributing it to the fact that I had a 2.5 month layoff at the end of last year, and I’m just rediscovering old strength rather than building new strength, but you could be onto something. I’m doing fairly intense 3-exercise giant sets with minimal rest, along with conditioning at the end of every session, and my gym energy has continued to be good.

Yeah, I’ve been wearing 34’s for a while now (I’ve been running about the same weight as you, but shorter and wider), and I can wear my old 32’s again. I don’t think I’m ever going to see the 28’s I wore in high school, though.


Nice progress. Slow and steady beats stalled any day of the week


congrats on breaking 190!!!


I’ve said it before Steve, you’re doing good.
Losing a little every week some days up and some days down but losing a bit every week.
Having great intense workouts too.
Keep it up, don’t change anything until you stall totally on the weight loss or losing strength in the gym.


@bigpappafrance @muskratlifts @mortdk Thanks, guys! If I can keep losing weight and pushing my strength back up I’ll take those results any day.

3/9/19 5/3/1 full body giant sets cycle 2 day 8 Bench primary/Deadlift secondary

Warmup: Barbell complex x3 with chinups 1/1/1

Main giant set:
Work sets:

Chinups: 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10
5x45# +2 power cleans
3x95# + 2 power cleans
3x135# + 2 power cleans
Work sets:
Switched to mixed grip

Accessory giant set:

Front squat: 5x135#, 5x185#, 5x205#

35# weighted dips: 10/10/15

Barbell rows 165#: 10/10/10

Conditioning: Interval running - 115m, 400m, 800m, 400m, :45 rest after warm-up lap, 2:00 rest between other legs. Splits: :35, 2:06, 4:33, 1:54. Not pushing super hard, just wanted to feel out what sort of pace I could hold for a half-mile, came in just over a 9:00 mile pace, pretty happy with that at this point. I think I can be ready for sub- 30:00 5K in April/May time frame. Not fast by any stretch, but considering that a 5K is only a tertiary goal, way behind weight loss and strength, I think it’s all right.

I stopped at 1 Joker set on bench because I didn’t have a spotter. I would have at least tried 225# if I’d had a spotter, but wasn’t confident enough to go without one. I also pushed the weight up a little on front squat. 5x205# was hard, but got it. Also bumped up the barbell rows, and pushed the reps in the last set of weighted dips. Dips were a little bit annoying at the rec center, since I have to do the dumbbell between the feet thing there, and when I go all the way down the dumbbell is hitting the ground. I need to either bump up the weight or the reps on dips.


Maybe my legs are thinner than yours but I’m able to hold the dumbbell with my quads. Once I wedge my legs between the DB ends it’s kind of stuck just about the knee. It’s much better than holding it with your feet. I also bought a dip belt for like $15 on ebay. It even came with a set of lifting straps.


The board shorts I just bought for my competition were 30’s… I also haven’t seen that in quite a while!


I need to just buy a belt, but this gym used to have one until someone stole it, and I haven’t thought about it when I was browsing on line to buy stuff, so I’ve just been dealing with it. I could try holding a dumbbell between my thighs, that might work.

3/9/19 food for today

Breakfast: Shake = 1 cup whole milk, 1 large egg, 1 scoop quick oats, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder.

Lunch (1 hour before workout): Chorizo and eggs with bell peppers, onions, jalapeno and cilantro. 3 corn tortillas.

Snack (immediately post-workout): 1 scoop of protein powder with creatine.

Dinner: Other 1/2 of steak fajita plate from Casa Ramos in Emporia. 2 oz. refried beans. 2 oz. Mexican rice.

Bedtime: 1 scoop protein powder.

Totals for today 2211 calories, 173g protein, 209g carbs, 85g fat. 21 calories over base budget, 977 calories under budget corrected for exercise. I’m pretty sure my actual fat was lower and protein was higher, but the steak fajita I picked in the app was a lot of fat and not much protein, when this fajita plate was very heavy on the steak, and fairly lean. Oh well, I know there’s a lot of potential error in the fitness app for any given entry, and it pretty much averages out over time.


3/10/19 Morning weigh-in 190.0# Finally hit 190 even, so 189.x is going to happen this week. I also went on Amazon last night and found a dip belt for $15, I should get it by Tuesday.

I’m also going to join in with the chorus of ‘why do we still do daylight savings time?’.