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Old Guy Trying to Get Lean for T-ransformation2019



2/16/19 Morning weigh-in 193.6#. Another good number. It seems like my travel routine of 500ish calorie liquid protein/carb/a little fat breakfast, plus 1 meal out where i don’t make totally stupid choices, and a protein bolus at night is working okay.

Conditioning: 2.1 mile run. This is the longest I’ve run non-stop in a long time. Time 20:12. Splits - mile 1 = 9:51, mile 2 = 9:23. 401 calories burned according to mapmyrun app. I had planned on doing a mile out and a mile back, but once I was near the end I picked a landmark and went to the landmark, that’s why it’s an odd number of miles like that. If I keep improving my conditioning like this, I’ll be able to do a 5K in a non-embarrassing time by spring…


2/9/19 to 2/16/19, average weight for the last week.
2/9 - 194.6#
2/10 - 194.4#
2/11 - 195.6#
2/12 - 195.2#
2/13 - 195.2#
2/14 - 194.6#
2/15 - no weigh in
2/16 - 193.6#

Average = 194.7#. This week wasn’t as good as last week, but I think I learned some things that will help me going forward. Last week’s average was 195.2#, or 194.9# if you don’t count my one off day, but I think the best way forward is to just count every day, good and bad, and let the average speak for itself. So, 0.5# down in the last week.


I just write down my Monday morning weights and use that. The MyFitnessPal app also has a nice line graph for a visual aid. It shows you the overall trend even when you get tunnel vision and only focus on one or two weeks.

I’m almost frustrated this week. I thought for sure I’d see 226s on the scale but no luck. I’ve been 227 and then 229 or 230; back and forth, back and forth. And what’s pushing me towards the level of frustration is guys like @jackolee are losing weight on 2400 calories at a bodyweight of 164. I’m 227-230 and eating between 2400-3000 calories. I should be losing weight too!!!

Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll see some progress again soon. I’m just impatient. I’m also beginning to fear I screwed myself up letting myself get up to 250. Like, what if my body wants to hold on to this weight? It can’t be!


Half a lb is still good progress man. Whenever I show down I remind myself that slow progress is more sustainable than quick loss. Keep up the good work man.


I sometimes equate hunger level with progress. When I’m hungry all the time my metabolism is working overtime. I find the more often I eat the more I burn. I’ll drop quicker eating 7 meals a day with shakes in between, than I will eating the same macros split into three meals. Think it simply keeps the fire burning hotter.


I’ve seen people have success with all types of dieting approaches, and that’s one of them. I’m beginning to think I’m stalling because I’ve adopted the less is more approach. I get to noon without eating and I think it’s a good thing.

My first ever “diet” was in 2006. In one month I lost 15 lbs and 2% body fat according to a 3 site skinfold test. All I did was eat good foods frequently throughout the day. I don’t know why I can’t do that now…


How old are you? I found my metabolism changed significantly around 35ish. I’ll be 40 later this year.

  1. I hope my metabolism isn’t slowing down. I’m always hungry even when I don’t have a six pack. I’m a fat guy deep inside; I just manage to win the battle most of the time so I’m not 400 lbs.


I’m actually really happy that I’m able to lift like I do and make strength gains, and make progress with weight loss with a little effort, at 54. This is the first time I’ve actively tried to diet with a purpose, and I’m listening to what you folks with more experience and knowledge have to say, and trying to blend it with the necessities of my life, and what I know I can sustain over time. The only other time I’ve lost weight was back in the 'oughts when I first started doing Crossfit, and ate paleo. I lost about 20# in 6 months, but I can’t sustain a paleo diet and live with my wife, and I’m okay with that. Any other time I’ve eaten with a purpose, it’s been to gain weight and strength.


You could’ve stopped the sentence there. :laughing:

I don’t like any restrictive diet. They ultimately fail because they’re not a realistic way to eat for the rest of your life. I laugh at the Paleo diet principles because I’m pretty sure grain is one of the first foods humans had…right along with animals. It’s comical to think that we weren’t meant to eat it.

I’m a Christian so I believe what I read in the bible and they mention grain offerings in the Old Testament. That must mean we were meant to eat grains :slight_smile:


The body tries to hang on to the weight for some time, days maybe a week or so, then suddenly without reason it starts to drop again.
Trust what you’re doing.
If you feel like it you could take one or two weeks and go super low on calories, maybe even go paleo for that time, and then come right back to maintenance.
But hey we’re old’ish, we can take it quite easy… But on the other hand you’re in it for T-ransformation… so start dieting right now… :slight_smile:


2/19/19 food for today

Breakfast: Shake = 1 cup whole milk, 1 large egg, 1 scoop quick oats, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder.

Lunch/snack: 7 crackers with ham/turkey and cheddar cheese.

Dinner: 10 oz Ribeye steak. 6 Brussels sprouts with dipping sauce. Small serving of corn. 1/2 Bolillo roll with butter. Small piece of bread pudding.

Bedtime: 1 scoop protein powder with creatine.

So, I broke down and downloaded the myfitnesspal app, and it seems like a pretty useful tool. I put in my weight, goal and rate of loss target and it gave me a daily calorie goal of 2190. It said the food I ate today was 1885 calories, and the app links up with myruntracker and subtracted the 401 calories that my run today burned, so I was 706 calories under my target.

edit: It also has me at 209g protein, 123g carbs and 88g fats for the day. I’m happy with the protein, but I need to get my fat down and get some more carbs, to stick with Jackolee’s recommendations, which I think are good ones. I’ll keep tracking and see how I do


Are those the macros that the app spit out? My app defaults to 50C/20P/30F for some reason. I just adjust them to match what I want.


No, that’s the macros I actually ate according to the app. I adjusted the % targets already from the defaults.


I use it all the time. Just a good tool to have. After a while all your food is in the recent foods and you can enter a whole day very quickly. You can also build frequent meals that you eat regularly like you’re breakfast shake.

I take a quick snapshot most mornings and log my weight. It’s fun to look back and see where you were a year or so ago.


Kind of fun and horrifying to track them on a cheat day :joy::joy::joy:


Oh yeah, I’ve stopped tracking for some time now.
But when I did, I just skipped logging on a cheat day, bc I knew it would be a disaster to watch.


2/17/19 morning weigh-in 193.2# Pretty happy that I’ve been able to keep the scale going in the right direction during this trip.

I don’t even know how I would have entered the seafood feast I had a few Sundays ago. On the flip side, I went ahead and entered the day before yesterday’s Cajun food meal, and according to the app 2 lb of crawfish only gives 80 calories and 15g of protein. I expect that math doesn’t count sucking the head, which probably doubles the amount of meat you get, but it’s still surprisingly little. It was still a 1000+ calorie meal with the sausage and the veggies, and the 2 beers put me over my carb target for the day, but I expected it to be more of a cheat than it ended up being.

This is my first adventure in tracking. I’ll probably stick with it for the duration of the challenge, but we’ll see after that. I should learn a lot about what macros to expect from different foods, at least, so I’ll be able to ballpark more accurately in the future.


I tracked every bite every day for a year. I’ve got a pretty good idea what I’m putting into my mouth. Even if I don’t care and eat it anyway :joy:


I learned that the weekly averages included days that I didn’t log so it skewed the numbers. I started tracking my cheats. Have you ever tracked your food on Thanksgiving? :joy: