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Old Guy Trying to Get Lean for T-ransformation2019



I start out at about 60% effort, ramp it up to 80-90% for the middle intervals, and I’m running out of gas and back down to 60-70% for the last few. I haven’t run enough to want to try 100% efforts yet, I would probably blow out a hamstring at this point.


That makes it more manageable. If those are basically 30m runs with 30m walks in between, going more than 75% would be extremely difficult for more than about 6-7 runs. You could also do half curve and full straight and then walk around to next lap so you’re only doing 1 sprint per lap with more recovery, which will help speed and explosiveness more.


This track has seriously sharp corners, it’s more of a long straight, hairpin, short straight, hairpin, etc… It’s an elevated track that overhangs the outer edge of a basketball court. Still, I may make some adjustments next time I do sprints. Plus, once the weather clears up a little, I’ll start running outside again.

2/12/19 Food for the day -

Breakfast: Shake = 1 cup whole milk, 1 large egg, 1 scoop quick oats, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder.

Lunch: Large salad = baby spinach, cucumber, carrot, olives, broccoli, radish, mushroom, onion, olive oil and vinegar. 6 meatballs with tomato sauce. (We had an Italian food day at work, but I refrained from all the feasting except to get some meatballs instead of eating fish. about 6 oz. worth.

Snack: 1 tin of sardines.

Dinner: 6 bone-in hot buffalo wings from Pizza Hut = 600 calories, 45g protein, 27g fat, 30g carbs. 1 Plate of southern veggies = A whole lot of turnip greens, a little bit of field peas and a little bit of okra, tomato and corn succotash.

Bedtime: 1 scoop (30g) protein powder in water with creatine.


Do you work out at the NY parks track on E 54? About the only indoor track in the country I know of that is laid out like that!


Southeastern Kansas is a long way from New York. I did live in New York for 4 years, back in the 90’s, but that was upstate, in Saratoga Springs.

This is the rec center in the little town where I live. It has a full court basketball court, game room, raquetball courts, a weight room, a 25m pool and the indoor track, along with a room of exercise bikes, ellipticals and treadmills, and a couple rooms that are used for aerobics and martial arts classes. It’s really nice for a city of 3000, and it’s free to use for anyone who lives in the school district. Of course, this town has a disproportionate tax base because of the nuclear power plant in the county…


@OTHSteve @losthog regarding your posts above.
I think with you blokes and the weight fluctuations it’s def the diet, water etc. My weight stays fairly consistent within 1kg or thereabouts, but, I pretty much eat the same things, every day, beef and veg, oats whey and milk, low salt, no sugar, due to being allergic to bloody everything. I do find if I splurge and have a gluten free pizza or something, it bounces around a bit.


You could be right. I know Monday - Thursday when I’m at work, I eat almost the exact same thing for breakfast and lunch, with slight variations for Dinner, it seems like my weight is more consistent, but I’m all over the place on the weekends.

2/13/19 Morning weigh-in 195.2#. Same as yesterday, so good I guess?

5/3/1 full body giant sets cycle 1 day 11 squat primary/press secondary

Warmup: barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/1/1

Giant set 1:

work sets:

Chin-ups 2/3/4/5/6/7

Work sets:

Accessory giant set:

1 arm DB press:

Krok rows:

Zercher squats:

Conditioning: 1 mile = 14 laps moderate speed run, :30 rest between laps, just trying to find a good sustainable pace and stride.

5x275# squat was pretty easy, so my training max is definitely set conservatively. I may try to go heavy on the joker sets on 3’s week next cycle, and try to find some actual 3RM’s, now that my body is well and truly back to being used to moving weights again.

Loading up to head down to Texas this afternoon, so probably no training other than maybe an outside run or two, until Monday. I’ll try to eat as clean as I can as well, but we’ll see how that goes.


Hope you guys have a fun and safe trip!


Have a fun and great trip Steve.


Nice session. The 5-3-1 you’re doing - was that press purposely only 1 - or did you get to your current training max on that session?


It was purposely 1. I’m doing 2 big lifts in my main giant set, but one is primary and one is secondary… The primary one I AMRAP, but limit the reps to 10/8/5 depending on if it’s 5/3/1 week, and the secondary one I do minimum reps. So, each 5/3/1 ‘week’ I do each lift twice, once for AMRAP and once for minimum reps.

Made it safely to Texas, got in just after 11. Wanted to log food for today before I crash and burn.

2/13/19 food for today

Breakfast: Shake = 1 cup whole milk, 1 large egg, 1 scoop quick oats, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder.

Post workout: 1 scoop protein shake.

Lunch: 1 Small plate of southern veggies = Turnip greens, a little bit of field peas and a little bit of okra, tomato and corn succotash. 2 hard boiled eggs.

Dinner: At Rib Crib in Bartlesville OK - 1/4 rack baby back ribs with dry rub, 1 serving of green beans, 1/2 serving of coleslaw.

Bedtime: 1 scoop (30g) protein powder in water with creatine.


I really like that set up and doing it planfully. Mine is similar but more based on how I’m feeling any given day. The limits on the AMRAP is a great idea and probably extends how long you can make progress.


I’m liking the training density of the giant sets, for conditioning and since my goal right now is weight loss. I’m about to wrap up the first 5/3/1 cycle, and I’m going to keep on it until June 1st at the latest. It’s an experiment for sure, and I don’t know how it’s going to work once I shift back to a strength bias, but it definitely seems to be working for recovering my old strength.

2/14/19 Morning weigh-in 194.6#.


Thanks, guys. First leg of the trip was a success, driving to Bryan/College Station this evening, another 4 hours. I have to go to a funeral visitation this afternoon, though, so it’ll be another late evening.


Do you do those with zero rest? Or with just enough rest to change the weight, or what?


Just enough rest to change the weights and take a sip of water.


2/14/19 food for today

Breakfast: Shake = 1 cup whole milk, 1 large egg, 1 scoop quick oats, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder.

Lunch: leftovers = 1/4 rack baby back ribs with dry rub, 1/2 serving of coleslaw.

Dinner: 1 piece of meat lover’s pizza from Hungry Howie’s in college station = 350 calories.

Bedtime: 1 scoop (30g) protein powder and 1 scoop oatmeal in water with creatine.

Very light eating day even with the road food. Only about 1800 calories, about half of which was liquid in the form of my 2 shakes.



No weigh-in today because I woke up in a hotel room.

Food for today:

Breakfast: crappiest continental breakfast menu ever, had a bowl of raisin bran with 8 oz of skim milk, only stuff I could stomach there. Breakfast shake = 8 oz water, 2 scoops protein and 1 scoop oatmeal.

Dinner: Cajun feast that made up for the crappy breakfast. Bucket about the size of a large movie theater popcorn full of crawfish boil = crawfish, potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage, onions and mushrooms all in spicy cajun seasoning. 2 Shiner Bocks. Ate at an awesome place in College Station called Willie’s.

Bedtime: 1 scoop protein shake with creatine.


Crawfish boil? A bucket full of?
Is this like Lobster or are they freshwater like yabbies?


I don’t know what yabbies are, but yeah, they’re freshwater. It’s also not as much food as it sounds like because it’s a bucket of unshelled crawfish, so only like 25% of it is actual edible meat, even if you suck the head. I had about 2/3 bucket of crawfish husks when I was done.
Edit: Went ahead and looked it up. Yeah, exactly like yabbies.