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Old Guy Trying to Get Lean for T-ransformation2019



pretty good imo


Doing a little better, but still don’t think I’m quite 100%.

Thanks, man, I’m happy with 10 reps there, I’m just ready for it to translate to max overhead strength some more…

9/14/18 Strongman day at Strength Guild Topeka

Warmup: barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/2/3

Log clean once and press:

Superset with 5xchin-ups after each set, except the 2 failed sets at 210#

Axle tire deadlift:
Put on belt:
Took off belt:

Zercher yoke carry:
2x100ft @185#
2x100ft @235#
4x50ft @285#

So, some good and some bad today. The bad all themed around breathing.

  • First, I tried and failed at 210# on the log, twice. I think the strength is there, but when I get that weight on my chest and start to push, I get dizzy for some reason. I have a lot of interabdominal pressure going right then, holding a breath in, so I don’t know - Vagal nerve response, maybe? Has anyone else out there experienced something like that? Anyway, after I gave up at 210#, I dropped down to 180# and did 4 sets of 2 just to get more time with heavy weight held in the rack position, and getting a breath between reps so I can do multiple.
  • The other bad was not being able to get a decent breath once I went up to 285# on the Zercher yoke carries. Strength definitely wasn’t the problem here, but 50’ was as far as I could go because I couldn’t get a decent breath once I started moving.
  • Deadlift is the one thing I’m fully happy about today. First time hitting 475! My grip started to give at the top, but I did lock it out. I’ll be able to use straps at the contest, but my straps seem to have disappeared, so I need to order a new set. I should probably check with the contest coordinator and make sure they are still allowing figure-8 straps.

Addendum: I am going to talk to Phil at Strength Guild and see if he does any strongman coaching. Alternatively, KC Strongman does strongman training days in Lees Summit, MO, some Sundays, so I can try to make it to one of those. It’s a little bit of a drive, but I can only accomplish so much on my own as far as getting better at the movements, and I need some outside input.


So I thought I’d throw in a little life update.

First, my daughter, son-in-law and 2 granddaughters just moved from Florida up to Kansas with us, so now I have 3 of my 4 kids, and all my grandkids, here with me. I kept a house available in the hopes that they would make the move, and they finally did it. I’m helping them out financially, and basically letting them live in a house for free until they’re both working and on their feet, but it’s totally worth it. South Florida was just financially untenable for them, they will be able to thrive here instead of just struggle month to month.

I went to my 35th high school reunion last week, which was a blast! I saw some people who I haven’t seen since I graduated, and a good time was had by all. There were a lot of people who didn’t recognize me at all, since I had long hair and was 125# soaking wet when I graduated. The ones I am friends with on facebook, or who still see my brother on a regular basis, recognized me, but there were a lot of good, amusing reactions to people realizing who I was. Of course, it went both ways, and I struggled to recognize a lot of people as well. Anyway, got some pictures of the girls and the guys:


9/17/18 5/3/1 cycle 4 day 2

Warmup: barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/2/3


Zercher squats:

Good mornings: 3x10x135#
superset with decline sit-ups with 15# kettlebell: 12/12/12

Barbell waiter carries with 115#: 4x50ft

Good workout, and I got a piece of 3/4" pipe foam insulation to put around the bar that really helped with the Zercher squats. I’m seeing the same problem with Zercher squats as with carries, though. Once it gets heavy I can’t breath at the top. I need to figure this breathing thing out.


when you find out let me know lol


Will do!

9/18/18 5/3/1 cycle 4 day 2

Warmup: barbell compex x3 with chin-ups 1/1/1


Superset with chin-ups 2/3/4/5/6/7/8


Dips 25# weighted: 12/12/12
superset with chin-ups 25# weighted: 6/7/8

EZ curl bar preacher curls: 38# 10/10
superset with EZ curl bar triceps extensions: 38# 10/10

Nothing special to report. Good workout, but someone had country music blaring on the radio at the work gym, which I swear sucked 20# off my 1RM. It just had no energy, not even the fast-paced party country music, this was slow love song/lost my girl/ballad type country.




9/19/18 5/3/1 cycle 4 day 4

Warmup: 3x barbell complex with chin-ups 1/2/3

45# 2 power cleans +5
95# 2 power cleans +5
135# 2 power cleans +5
185# 2 power cleans +5

Front squats:

Ab wheel roll-outs 3x5
superset with back extensions with 25# plate held at chest 3x10

Good workout overall. Even though my legs and core are still sore from squats Monday, I don’t think it affected my strength. I could have kept going on deadlifts, but I’m limiting myself to 10 reps so I don’t end up too sore. 10 rep squats on 2 out of 3 weeks is tough enough, I may start limiting myself more on the 5/3/1 week to avoid that, even though I can do the reps. Rest day tomorrow, then Strongman day on Friday, I think.


Awesome workouts Steve.


Okay, this weekend was not very productive. I missed 2 chances to go do strongman implements - Friday, I had to go buy a new refrigerator, and since I live outside of Home Depot’s delivery range, I had to load it into my truck, unload it and get it into my house (which involved taking the doors off the house and the fridge), then move the old fridge over to my daughter’s house. Sunday I had to sit around twiddling my thumbs because my ex was supposed to be here to get her stuff, and she never showed, so I couldn’t go to Lee’s Summit like I planned. So, no exercise except moving furniture and appliances.

9/24/18 5/3/1 cycle 4 day 5

Warm-up: barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/1/1

3x115# + 1 push jerk
3x135# + 1 push jerk
3x145# + 1 push jerk
Push jerks:

Presses superset with chin-ups 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

1 arm DB press: 10x50#, 10x60#, 10x70#
superset with Kroc rows: 10x60#, 10x70#, 15x80#

DB concentration curls 25#: 10/10
superset with 1 arm overhead tricep extensions 25#: 10/10

Felt weak starting out after 4 days out of the gym, but things went well once I got going. I hit all my targets, and feeling strong overhead, I just hope it translates well to log pressing once I get back to that. 7 weeks until the competition, and I still need to break the 200# barrier with the log.


I’ve finally found your log. Keeping up with you from here…


Welcome, Hog! Yeah, we keep a pretty quiet log over here, not a whole lot of conversations, mostly just my workouts and life updates. Quite a few people peer in, though.

9/26/18 5/3/1 cycle 4 day 6

Warmup: barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/2/3


Zercher squats:

Good mornings: 3x10x135#
superset with decline sit-ups with 15# KB over head: 12/12/12

This was supposed to be yesterday’s workout, but the ex finally showed up and I ended up spending all day dealing with her. This started about 10 AM when she showed up at what is now my daughter and son-in-law’s house, where most of her stuff is stored in the garage, tried to force herself into the house, and my daughter called the sheriff’s department. By the time I got there, there were 4 sheriff’s deputies blocking both driveways, sorting things out. After I talked to them and they were assured I had the situation in hand, they left, and I feel bad about that much manpower being wasted on her, but I’m glad my daughter isn’t taking her shit, and it’s better that she called law enforcement rather than punching her out.

The rest of the day was spent loading half of her crap into her U-haul, while mostly successfully keeping her and my daughter apart. She was supposed to bring her 2 adult sons to help her load, but instead she brought 2 little old ladies who could barely lift a box, so my younger daughter and I did all the heavy lifting. Things stayed civil until she tossed a light bulb out of the truck to shatter on the driveway, which didn’t please my daughter, what with her having a 6- and a 3-year old running around… Then she capped that off by deliberately smashing a box of ceramic knick-knacks on the garage floor, since she ‘didn’t want them anymore’, which resulted in lots of words being exchanged all around until I got them off the property. Yeah, my ex-wife is a piece of work… All this after I gave her an extra month to come get her shit past the deadline, when I would have been perfectly within my rights to leave it all on the curb for the trash man or had a nice bonfire on August 23rd.

Anyway, yesterday was a good work-out of sorts, moving lots of furniture and boxes, and I’m now sporting a couple of nasty bruises across the tops of my forearms. I had to move one very large desk on my appliance dolly, which I had to tip almost back to horizontal to load on the dolly, and it had a portruding ledge across the top that had practically all of the weight of the desk digging into my forearms while I moved it. Good times.


sounds like great fun… ironi might be found here.
Divorces that ends in anger is newer pretty. Sorry for you that it had to end that way.


9/28/18 Strongman day at Strength Guild Topeka

Warmup: barbell complex x3 with chin-ups 1/2/3

Log press, cleaning once:

F,F x200#

I tried doing this belted today, and I think I need more practice doing it with a belt. Also, at this point I was a little frustrated, but I also sort of had an epiphany. I need to stop trying to do contest weight every time I come up here, and just work on getting stronger and more proficient in the movements. I will save maxxing out for when I’m working with someone who can tell me where I’m going wrong.

Log press continued:
Most sets of log press superset with sets of 5 chin-ups. I forgot a few times.

Axle tire deadlift:

Zercher yoke carry:

Except for continuing to get my ass kicked by 200# on the log, this was a good workout. The sets of 5 on the log felt fine. The doubles on the deadlift were tough, but not ridiculous. 305# didn’t feel any worse that 285# on the zercher yoke carry, maybe a little better, I focused on keeping my shoulders back and that seemed to allow me to breath just a little bit. I figure if I can make it 50# with 305# on my chest I can at least make one lap around with the Conan wheel.


How do you manage zerchers for 100 feet? I did them yesterday but considering the already horrible breathing it was just slow and poor bracing lol


With the lighter weights, with my shoulders back and core tight, I’m able to breath fairly well with shallow breaths. Once I get around 300# is where breathing becomes an issue for me.


How do you manage shallow breaths? I cant breathe and maintain speed. I just slow down when i take a brace, lose a lot of tightness then speed back up. (Not good for my back…) Yesterday i tried taking short quick breaths with each step but i ws slow as shit. It’s really impeding on my training


@duketheslaya I wish I had a reasonable answer for you. At lighter weights I can breath okay with short quick breaths while maintaining my core tight, and still step pretty quickly. There seems to be a cutoff somewhere around 300# for me where I go from actually breathing to gasping and trying to take in air and mostly failing. I need to work with someone more experienced with strongman and get some guidance, and I’ll share any pointers I learn, for sure.


I’m interested to when you get your answer


Looking forward to see what you learn man