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Old Guy Trying to Get Lean for T-ransformation2019



8/2/18 5/3/1 cycle 2 day 6

Warmup - barbell complex x3 with pullups 1/2/3


Good mornings 3x10x135#
superset with decline situps w/15# kettlebell over head 10/10/10

335# felt heavy, but better than 315# did 3 weeks ago. Things are coming along nicely. Driving down to Texas today, so 3 days with no gym, which is why I did 4 days in a row again this week.


I was right about no gym time over the weekend, but I did find a gym there that I may be able to use when I take trips to visit the family. The place is only about 15 minutes from my Mom’s house, and the gym owner only uses it for HIIT Monday-Thursday, but they have bars, plates, squat racks, a bunch of tires, and several sizes of Atlas stones. I wasn’t able to get ahold of the owner this trip, but I got the gym’s number so hopefully I’ll have more success during the week. I talked to a couple of guys working out there, and they said they expected the owner would be happy to let me use the facility, but I would probably have to sign a waiver first, and I figure there will be some sort of drop-in fee, but at least there are options.

As for what I did this weekend, I did a run this morning before getting back on the road.

8/5/18 - conditioning

Run - 6x400m run, walked some in between, averaged 8:32 mile pace according to my run tracker app. Not fast, but I was just going for some heart rate work, not trying to set any records.


8/6/18 5/3/1 cycle 2 day 7

Warmup: barbell complex x3 with pullups 1/1/1


superset with pullups 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

25# weighted dips 10/10/10
superset with 25# weighted pullups3/4/6

Good workout again, 3x205# felt easier than 3x195# did last month, so I’ll take that. All bench pressing was paused. Chin-ups also felt easier, was planning to go 3/4/5 reps, but did an extra rep on the last set just to see if I had another one in me.

No conditioning today, but I had a weird pull, almost but not quite like the sort of stitch you get in your intercostals from running, when I breathed deep, on both sides. Maybe a lingering effect of running yesterday, or maybe I’m still a little bit depleted from giving blood? I don’t know, it was a little uncomfortable but it didn’t seem to impact my ability to do anything. I’ll see how deadlifts tomorrow go, I’m planning to hit 3x405# on my second joker set, if things feel good up to then.


Nice workout Steve 3 x 205 is pretty good.
And you rock both dips and pull ups like a champ.


Thanks, man. I’m paranoid about benching every since I blew my pec off my shoulder in 2013, so my progress is purposely slow there. I don’t ever try a lift I’m not sure I can make, which I can’t always say on the other lifts where it’s easy to bail. I’m really happy with how my bodyweight assistance is coming along, especially since I gained fat and lost muscle during my layoff. I can’t tell, but I feel like I’m experiencing some recomp already.

8/7/18 5/3/1 cycle 2 day 8

Warmup: barbell complex x3 with pullups 1/2/3

Deadlift: (started with double overhand grip)
1 power clean + 3x45#
1 power clean + 3x95#
1 power clean + 3x135#
1 power clean + 3x185#
switched to mixed grip

Front squat:

Running short on time, so did a 50# jump on last front squat just to hit that weight, and skipped loaded carries today. The extra joker sets ate up my time, and I made sure to take plenty of rest between those top sets. 3x405# I can’t say was exactly easy, but it went up smooth and fast, and there was never any question. Did a static hold on the last rep for about 5 seconds.

The stitch feeling in my sides seems to be gone, so that’s another plus.


I’ve missed a ton! Good to see you back man.


Well, a big part of what you missed is a 6-month layoff. I think all the ex-related drama is behind me now, though, so hopefully no more of that.

8/9/18 5/3/1 cycle 2 day 9

Warmup: Barbell complex x3 with pullups 1/2/3


Superset with chin-ups 4/5/6/7/8/9

DB press, per arm: 10x45#, 10x55#, 10x65#

superset with DB rows per arm: 10x55#, 10x65#, 10x75#

Fat Gripz on press and row. This ended up being harder than expected on the row, because the DBs at work have handles that get thicker as the weight goes up, anyway. By the time I got to 75#, there was about an inch gap in the Fat Gripz to get around the DB handle. Good forearm smoker, though…

5# more on the BB press, but 1 rep less. I might have had another rep in me, but someone started playing country music right before the last set, and it took me right out of the zone.


8/10/18 5/3/1 cycle 2 day 10

Warmup: ~1 hour push mowing; Barbell complex x3 with pullups 1/2/3


Good mornings 135# 10/10
superset with toes to bar 10/10

Workout today was out at the other house between mowing, and it was on the high side of 90F out there today, so this sucked. When I started my set at 295#, after the first rep, the lazy wussy side of me was telling me to just to the Jack Shit protocol today. After all, 1 is the minimum number of reps on the top set, and it’s ridiculous outside, so I can justify it. I then remembered that last year at this time I was doing 10 reps with 315+, and no way was I going to let past me kick my ass. So, I made myself keep going, and it sucked, but I made it through 10 reps.

I’m pretty happy with this, since I know I would have been disappointed in the workout if I hadn’t pushed through. I felt fine, I was well-hydrated, and there was nothing stopping me from doing 10 reps but myself. Unfortunately, I did have to cut the accessory stuff short at 2 rounds, I got a nasty cramp in my abs after the second set of toes to bar, so I called it quits there.

I also drank 3 quarts of water with electrolyte packs in 3 hours of working out/mowing, and still was thirsty when I got home.


That is awesome man, well done.


Love a 531 log, in for your training log mate!


Thanks, Mort, and Welcome, Jez.

So, I didn’t do any running this weekend, but spent a couple hours push mowing ditches Sunday morning, which left me drenched in sweat, so I will count that as a conditioning session. Also, My legs and hips were wrecked all day Saturday from the squats on Friday. Not wrecked as in injured, just serious DOMS.

8/13/18 5/3/1 cycle 2 day 11

Warmup: 3x barbell complex, plus chin-ups 1/1/1


superset with chin-ups 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

Bodyweight +25# dips: 12/12/12
superset with bodyweight +25# chin-ups: 4/5/6

The 1+ set was supposed to be at 190#, but I didn’t want to mess with 2.5# plates, and I felt pretty good, AND I had a spotter available, so went with 195# and hit 10 reps without too much trouble. the last 2 reps were pretty grindy, but there was never any question that I would get them. Also, all the work-up sets were paused, but the 1+ set was definitely all touch and go. Still working with a training max <<<< true max on bench, and that should continue for a while.


8/14/18 5/3/1 cycle 2 day 12

Warmup: 3x barbell complex plus chinups 1/1/1

2 power cleans + 5x45#
2 power cleans + 5x95#
2 power cleans + 5x135#
2 power cleans + 5x185#
Switched to mixed grip

Front squats:

Trap bar farmer’s carries:
145# 1x40m
235# 2x20m
285# 2x20m

Notes on today: 2x185# on the power clean still feels rocky, form-wise. I need to devote some time to getting better at those, and stop just talking about it. Maybe go to the Crossfit gym in Topeka and get some help from someone who does more power cleans.

I’m not sure where my numbers got off between last cycle and this one, but I had a 20# jump on the last set of deadlifts. I still got 8 reps, which matches what I did last cycle with 345#, so I’ll take it.

Didn’t use the Fat Gripz on the trap bar carry today, wanted to start getting the weight a little bit heavier. Still didn’t go way heavy, but enough to make it feel like I had to work for it.

I’m going to keep following the 5#/10# increase in training maxxes, but I honestly think my strength is >90% of what it was when I broke training in December. Maybe I’m just willing to push more because I have a better idea of what my body is capable of? Anyway, new training maxxes:

Press: 170#
Squat: 315#
Bench: 205#
Deadlift: 395#


I’ve been deloading the rest of this week, but I think I’m going to go ahead and start cycle 3 tomorrow. I’m feeling good, I’ve been sleeping well, and I’ve been keeping the weight relatively light. I’ve had several 4-day deloads during the last 2 months, so I think that rather than taking scheduled deloads, I’ll let them fall where life dictates until I start feeling the need for one. I’ve got one coming up in 3 weeks for my 35th high school reunion, anyway.

On an entirely different note, I’ve signed up for the 2nd annual Veteran’s Day Strongman Challenge in Lee’s Summit, MO on November 10th. Same competition I did last year, take 2. Still only 1 master’s class, so I’ll be competing against the big guys again, but that’s okay. Events are different this year, and will be challenging:

1 - Log clean and press away 60 second AMRAP - 205#. Got some work to do here, since I failed at 210# last year.
2 - 13" wagon wheel axle deadlift 60 second AMRAP - 475#. I think I’ll do okay on this one, straps are allowed.
3 - Conan Wheel 550# as many rounds as possible, no drops - I have no idea, never done anything like this before, so I’m not even sure how to train for it. I don’t know if it’s shouldered or held in front of you like a Zercher’s carry.
4 - Stone over 48" bar 60 seconds AMRAP 220# - Again, no idea how I’ll do, haven’t played with stones enough to have a good idea.

So my mission over the next 4 months is to get stronger on overhead along with working on my log technique; get stronger on deadlift; get more information on the Conan’s Wheel and figure out how best to train for it; get some time practicing stones, and buy some tacky. Hopefully I can manage not to zero anything.

I also found a new, closer gym with strongman implements, Strength Guild in Topeka. They don’t have stones, they’re on loan to someone, but they have everything else I could want to train strongman, and they’re only an hour away in a city I already go to frequently. Looking forward to working there.


Its held out in front. I’d use a yoke with the height set down low so you can zercher.


Okay, thanks. I wonder how much weight 550# actually translates to you carrying, since on the wheel part of it will be supported by the pivot point. This may be an instance where being short benefits me. It’s still gonna be a lot of weight. Maybe I need to start doing some bicep curls as well, for elbow health and arm strength.


Yeah that sounds heavy! I think being short definitely benefits you. Also It really hammers your upper back, core, forearms and biceps


Looking at the other events by weight class, it really seems heavy. On Log and Stone the Novice/LW/Masters weight is 75% of the Heavyweight number. On deadlift it’s 80%, and on the Conan Wheel it’s 85% of the Heavyweight number. Seems a little skewed, if you ask me…


About 550 lbs.


I hear what you’re saying, but the physics of one end of the apparatus being tied to a pivot point means that some % of the weight is being held by the other end. When you do car deadlifts you’re not deadlifting a whole 4,000# car, the front tires are bearing a large % of the weight. I’m sure with the Conan wheel the weights will be at your end away from the pivot point so the % that you’re actually bearing will be a lot higher, but there will still be some amount that will be compensated for. I could break out my vector math and figure out a rough approximation, I guess, based on the length of the moment arm and the angle of the apparatus when you’re carrying it, but it would all be guesses until I actually see the device.


I know. I was being semi-silly. Although it you prepare to zercher carry 550 lbs, a 550 lbs Conan’s wheel will be peanuts for you.