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Bench Form / Stretching / Cardio

I’m five days out. I really have not done much all week. Work has been very busy, so it will be nice to get away. We fly out Tuesday for weigh in and I compete Wednesday. I took Monday off of work too.



More stretching and cardio. I forgot my earbuds too, so it was really terrible.


You know you’re too strong to worry about earbuds.

Alright Cripp, your down to it now-

Go Get’em :mechanical_arm:

Thanks guys. I’m already trying to get my game face on.

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Stretching and cardio. Today was the last day for that nonsense. We drive to Seattle tomorrow and then fly to Phoenix. I’ll spend today working from home, getting some stuff done.

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Good luck!

You can’t still be sleeping it off…can you?

I know, stuff to do- I’ll (we all) look forward to the recap :+1:

Meet Review:

It was not my best day and not my worst for sure. We flew in on Tuesday and weigh in was no issue. I got a good night’s sleep and my bench flight was at 9:45.

I went pretty light for an opener at 285. I was thrown off a little in the warm up room. All the weights were in kilograms. I’m used to that for the meet attempts, but not warm ups. I winged it and warmed up with what I thought was about right.

285 was nice and easy. One issue, however. I missed the press command. I was so worried about the rack command. They were very clear on rack command in the rules briefing. The judges all told me to go up.

In retrospect, I should have stayed there. Instead I went to 325, which is what I do at home. I then was consumed with not missing any commands. 325 went down good, but I got hung up at near lock out. Three reds. I decided to stay there. My goal had been 350. Now my mind is really messing with me. The third attempt was terrible, and I got hung up half way.

Deads were at 1:00. I opened light at 385. No problems. It felt really light. The state record was 402 so I went for 406 on the next attempt. Again, no issues. 426 was my third attempt, once more no problem. It felt pretty good. 474 was the world record, and I got a fourth lift due the two state records. I decided to take it and try for the world record. I think I was played out at that point, and it was not to be.

It was a good time, and I saw some old friends. The wife and I hit Scottsdale for a few days after. That was pretty nice too. I’m fired up to fix my short comings.



5/210, 5/245, 7/275

Svend Press:
4/50/ 2 plates (10s)

DB Flies:

I probably should have taken some time off, but I really want to get the work in. I have decided to go back to 5/3/1 for bench.


Too bad about the world record :weary: we all know he had it in you. Next time!


Rack Pulls:
10/315, 8/365, 6/405, 4/495, 2/545

One Leg DL:

Stiff Leg DL:

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I’d say you’re a bit too strong to have any shortcomings in the weight room.

Looks pretty good-that BE was just one of those things.
I’d say, you had to jump it up-that’s what your training numbers told you: that’s part of the game we play at a meet, right? :+1:

You’ve helped motivate me, to get back into a meet next spring-ish?..I do enjoy it, just got away from it this past couple year B.S.

Onward and Upward

Thanks guys. It only fires me up the more. I’m going to go old school this winter.


Sandbag Suitcase Carry:
100 steps x 200

Famers’ Carry:
1100 steps x 65 in each hand

I didn’t have much going on tonight. I’m probably not fully recovered from last week. I’m thinking about buying a new sandbag. I want a 100 pound bag for nights like tonight.



Old school…is new again (?)

Exactly what I had in mind. I was actually looking for something to throw, lift or drag around the yard. My wife thinks not so much.

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I think I’ve sent you and NH sweet Rocky pics in the past. You both have the space, and misc. stuff to push/pull/drag and carry-so why not?

I had forgotten the sled dog pull- with the drunk ass on the back! Too funny.