Old Guy Starting Lifting. What Supplement to Start With?

I am 50, 5’7" 220. I am really overweight and need to drop about 40-50 pounds. Due to medical issues high heart rate things like running is not an option. Other than that I am healthy…just fat. I have bought a LOT of weights, a cage, stationary bike, treadmill, benchpress. I have been lifting 6 days/week in mornings (off Sundays) for a couple weeks now. I am confident I can and will keep at it.

I alternate days b/t upper and lower body to give muscle groups a break (I think that is correct). I am focusing on more weight and less reps. I am at 4 sets of everything usually 10 reps of each exercise.

I want to keep building muscle and lose fat/weight at same time. I have some good whey protein and creatine but haven’t started taking anything yet. I don’t really want to take a LOT of supplements at the start but focus on a couple.

Will appreciate Any advice, particularly supplements.

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Supplements are to supplement. Since you just started there is no known reasons to supplement anything. You cant know which walls to paint and in which color if you have never even been in the house.


Cool, start with no supplements and a 500cal daily deficit. Supplement only if needed when you find you need them (‘need’ being a strong term), as mentioned by @hankthetank89.

Not sure if I really agree with the reasoning in this, but good news is you don’t need to exercise at all to lose weight.

how dare you use this wonderful forum every day for free and not plug the products. :laughing:

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The only supplement I would even consider in your case is a multi-vitamin that also has a good mineral complex in it to support bones/joints.
Nothing else other than good food with a focus on lean protein is needed.

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This is too much for someone just starting out, especially at your age. In your situation I’d do no more than 3-4 weight sessions per week and use the other days for recovery or low intensity cardio (walking or exercise bike).

If you are going to use a protein powder at this point, I’d use egg white or a blend that contains egg white. I say that because as you note your biggest issue is that you’re too fat and protein blends with egg white in them keep me fuller longer which makes a deficit easier to maintain.