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Old Guy Needs Advice with PCT

Goodevening fellow citizen’s of T-Nation. I an 53 and competed from 1978-1985. I was successful as a jr,under 21year’s.I was 3rd in the jr,Mr.Canada heavyweight in 1978,i also competed in other comp’s and actually won the Mr.Southern Ontario.I am not trying to impress,only giving you same fact’s to get your Help!!!

         In my day thing's where simpler and i primarily used test-e,actually that was the one and only.                                                                                           WE didn't have any knowledge of post cycle therapy.WE if anything used moderate level's like 500mg's a week and stayed on for 16-20 week's. The procedure to come off was to lower/taper off and hope our natural sourse would restart. 

My question.I have been on low dose injectrable testosterone and my last shot was 3-week’s ago I went to an endocrinologist and said i would like to try clomid and hcg to repair the damage/shutdown.He was o.k. with clomid but he want’s the result’s from a FSH test and if my pituitary isn’t working,then and only then we will discuss clomid.AS for the hcg.He ask me why? I said to restore testicular size.He said i was fine and hcg is only givin to men for fertility.

                                                                      Gentlemen im a novice in regard's to pct.Please give your suggestion's.I thank you in advance   your's truly john kelly

I would look into triptorelin. That’s been shown to be pretty promising for situations such as yours.

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
I would look into triptorelin. That’s been shown to be pretty promising for situations such as yours.[/quote]
Thank-you. I have never heard of triporelin. I lookedit up and they said it’s a 1-treatment of 100mcg’s My friend this sound’s way better than the other longer protocal’s.Why doesant more people use this.

Also is it available by a Dr’s prescription,or is it a ugl product. It also said in large doses it’s used ti permanently castrate. thank’s again john

I’ve read that users that have tried trip it restores their functions but then weeks later it crashes again. Someone on this board tried it and it happened to them, forgot who, but something to look into

PAINTRAINDave used trip and liked it, I’ve never used it myself but I’m considering using it plus SERMs for my next PCT. I figure you’ll get your levels up immediately with the trip, then use the SERMs to keep them up.

That is the very definition of broscience, but I figure it couldn’t hurt.

Johnny, I doubt you’d get trip from a doctor. You may have to use one of the research chem sites

I have helped a number of guys here with PCT, they have come to me. You seem to think that I do not know what I am talking about. Am I technical? YES. Education and facts are different from opinion. My experience is vastly beyond your comprehension.