Old Guy Doing 5/3/1

6/27/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 day 8
Squat 5x170, 5x200, 10x225
Assistance work.
Conditioning - 10x40m sprints.

Another good day. Not sure what was up with the beginning of the week, but I made it through it. Next week, 1’s week with joker sets!

6/30/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 day 9
Press 5x110, 3x125, 5x140, joker 1x155
Assistance work.
Conditioning - 3xfarmer’s carry 1 arm 70# dumbell, 3xwaiter’s carry 115 BB.

Stopped at 1 joker set because my left elbow tricep tendon was hurting a little, so didn’t want to hurt myself because of my ego. Otherwise, good day.

7/1/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 day 10
Power clean 3x3x135.
Deadlift 5x225, 3x255, 5x285, Joker set 1x315
Assistance work.
No conditioning.

Didn’t really feel strong today, but got it all done anyway. Just 1 joker set on deadlift so I don’t forget what 315 feels like. 4 plates feels like it’s a long way away, and 5 is only a dream somewhere on the horizon, just gotta keep getting it done and be patient.

7/3/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 day 11
Bench 5x130, 3x150, 5x165, joker sets 1x185, 1x205, 1x225
Assistance work.
Conditioning - 115m sprints x5

Joker sets on bench all felt good, my pec is definitely approaching fully healed. I’m still a little paranoid about it, though, used a spotter. My left elbow was still a little tender, but it didn’t slow me down. Gym is closed tomorrow. Day 12 will be on Saturday.

7/5/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 day 12
Power cleans 3x3x135
Squat 5x200, 3x225, 5x250, Joker sets 1x275, 1x295
Assistance work.
Conditioning - 2x30# with fat gripz, not putting the DB’s down throughout the circuit - 5x hang power snatch, 1x down and back with DB’s overhead, 5x hang power clean, 1x down and back with DB’s racked, 5x double DB swing, 1x down and back farmer’s carry.

Squat form is starting to feel excellent, I could have kept going on the 1+ set, and I could have done more joker sets, but I’m keeping it slow and steady. What I’m doing is working, and getting overconfident is how I always end up derailing my progress, so no being stupid this time around! This wraps up my 6th cycle, except for next week’s deload.

I slacked on logging this week, since it was a deload week.

Tuesday 7/8/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 deload press/deadlift.
Press 5x65, 5x85, 5x105
DB press @50# 3x5
Deadlift 5x135, 5x185. 5x225
Front Squat @135# 3x5
No conditioning

Friday 7/11/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 deload bench/squat
Squat 5x95, 5x135, 5x185
Good mornings @95# 3x5
Bench 5x85, 5x105, 5x125
Dips 3x5
Core work toes to bar/back extensions 3 sets of 5/20
Conditioning waiter carry 95# barbell/ball slams x10 3 sets

7/14/14 3/5/1 Cycle 7 day 1
Press 3x105, 3x120, 8x135, Joker sets 3x145, 3x155.
Accessory work.
Conditioning - 3 rounds of : Farmer’s walk 2x75# DB’s, 10xDB swings 50#.

Press felt great today, no sign of slowing down. We’ll see how deadlifts go tomorrow.

7/15/14 3/5/1 Cycle 7 day 2
Power cleans 3x3x135
Deadlift 3x215, 3x250, 8x280, Joker sets 3x315, 3x335
Accessory work.
Core work.

Hmm, I could have sworn I logged my workout for yesterday. I hope I didn’t space out and put my workout in someone else’s log…

Anyway, catching up:
Thursday 7/17/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 3
Bench 3x130, 3x150, 8x165, joker sets 3x185, 3x205
Accessory work.
Conditioning - 6 lengths of gym with BB waiter’s carry 95#, 5x50# BB swings at each end.

Friday 7/18/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 4
Power cleans 3x3x135
Squat 3x195, 3x220, 8x250, joker sets 3x275, 3x295
Accessory work.
Core work.
Conditioning - 5x115m sprints, 30 sec rest between.

Monday 7/21/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 5
Press 5x100, 5x115, 10x130
Accessory work.
No conditioning.

Tuesday 7/22/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 6
Power clean 3x3x135
Deadlift 5x200, 5x235, 10x265
Front squat 3x10x135
No conditioning.

Thursday 7/24/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 7
Bench 5x115, 5x135, 10x155
Accessory work.
Conditioning - 6 lengths of gym with 95# BB waiter carry, 5x50# DB swing at each end (35 swings total)

Friday 7/25/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 8
Power cleans 3x3x135
Squat 5x180, 5x205, 10x235
Accessory work.
Core work, ball slams and situps.
No conditioning, had an ab cramp during my last set of situps, had to sit on the floor doubled over for about 30 seconds before I could straighten up, so called it quits after that.

Next week, ones week and joker singles, my favorite!

Monday 7/28/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 9
Press 5x115, 3x130, 5x145, Jokers 1x160, 1x175!
Accessory work.
No conditioning.

175 press is 5# over my old 1 rep max, pretty happy that I can hit it on a joker set now! It was a grinder, but it went up clean. 20# away from a body weight press.

Okay, this week ended up all sorts of screwed up, spent a lot of time getting ready for and facilitating our part in the city-wide yard sale that was today, so lots of moving furniture all over the place and fixing stuff. Managed to get 2 more gym days in, but they were both minimal.

Wednesday 7/30/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 10
Power cleans 3x135, 1x155, 1x175
Deadlift 5x235, 3x265, 5x295, Joker sets 1x325, 1x355
Started Accessory work, but left knee didn’t feel right on front squats, so I called it a day.

Saturday 8/2/14 3/5/1 cycle 7 day 11/12
Squats 5x205, 3x235, 5x260, Joker sets 1x285, 1x305, FSL 10x205
Bench 5x140, 3x155, 5x175, Joker sets 1x195, 1x215
Called it quits since I was bogarting the only bar at the gym and someone else wanted to use it.

The gym will be closed all next week, and luckily it coincides with my deload week. I can do deload week at my gym at work. No squat rack or bench, but I can get the deload weights on my back or my chest without a rack.

Cycle 7 deload

Tuesday 8/5/14
Accessory work
No conditioning.

Thursday 8/7/14
Accessory work
No conditioning.

Saturday 8/9/14
In Texas visiting my family, so went to the gym with my daughter who is trying to get into shape to go into the army. I gave her some goal-specific pointers to help her, since she’s just been doing machine circuits and the treadmill. I didn’t change too much for her, just added some things specific to what she’ll need to do for the PFT eventually, and had her split things up so she’s not doing everything every day.

For myself, I decided I wanted to move some weights, so I worked up to a moderately heavy single on press (155), squat (275) and bench (195), since I was there.

Monday 8/11/14 - 3/5/1 cycle 8 day 1.
Press 3x105, 3x120, 8x135, Joker sets 3x150, 3x160.
Accessory work. No conditioning.

I didn’t bring my book or my spreadsheet for this cycle, so I used the same weight as last cycle, but bumped up the weight on the joker sets a little. 160x3 was hard, but totally doable. 135x8 was easier than last month, so that’s a good thing.

Tuesday 8/12/14 3/5/1 cycle 8 day 2
Power Cleans 3x3x135
Deadlift 3x230, 3x260, 8x290, Joker sets 3x320, 3x350
Accessory work.
Core work.
Conditioning - 115m sprints x5.

Thursday 8/14/14 3/5/1 cycle 8 day 3
Bench 3x135, 3x155, 8x175, Joker sets 3x195, 3x215
Accessory work.
Conditioning - 6 lengths of gym waiter’s carry 95#BB, 5x50# DB swing at each turnaround (35 swings total)

Friday 8/15/14 3/5/1 cycle 8 day 4
Hang power cleans with various fixed bars up to 110# (someone was using the only bar in the gym for benching)
Squat 3x200, 3x230, 8x255, Joker sets 3x280, 3x300
Accessory work.
Core work.
No conditioning.

Monday 8/18/14 3/5/1 cycle 8 day 5
Press 5x100, 5x115, 10x130
Accessory work.
Conditioning - farmer carries 2x80#, 3x 2 lengths of the gym.

Tuesday 8/19/14 3/5/1 cycle 8 day 6
Power cleans 3x3x135
Deadlift 5x205, 5x235, 10x270
Accessory: Front squats 3x10x135

Got a headache from the last set of front squats, so I cut the accessory work short.