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Old Guy Cycles

I’m an old guy (just turned 47) and I’ve done 2 cycles and have been happy with the results. The problem is, that after AAS I cannot seem to get back to “normal” in terms of sex drive, recovery and overall function. I understand that this is due to natural decline exacerbated by the alteration of HPGA from AAS use. I’m a vane guy and will most likely do more cycles and I’m sure that there are others in my age group who do and feel the same. What I’d like to do is draw upon the group’s knowledge of AAS as well as HRT and get some ideas of how to obtain the best results both on cycle and off. I appologize if this is discussed anywhere else in the forums

A man your age should probably be blasting and cruising and not coming off at all. Benefit is you don’t have to do PCT so you keep most of your gains. Obvious downfall is that you have to inject year round lol.

Talk to your doctor about going on TRT, if you want to go the legit route. There is some good info on the TRT forum here.

If you do it yourself, know the blood markers you need to keep track of (stickey in the TRT forum) and around 150 mg/week or so as your dosage, plus an AI and perhaps HCG if you want to maintain your testicle fullness.

Agree 100%… at your age if you want to use AAS, get on TRT and cruise/blast… or do cruise/blast yourself.