Old Girl Rises Again

A long time ago, i asked for advice about a girl who i was friends with and thought that it might could go further. It ended up that she just wanted to be friends and we eventually stopped talking. I was fine with that but she wasnt. She moved about two hours away for a different school and after being there for a couple of weeks, started calling me again. she told me how much she missed me and stuff like that. I didnt really miss her because i had about a million things going on and didnt have time to think about it. Then whenever she would come down we would hang out a little. Over Christmas Break we hung out quite a bit and she called me everyday. I told her about how much i used to be in love with her and she couldnt believe it. She acted like she didnt know. Whatever. But anyway i told her that if she still lived here that i would want to be with her. She didnt like hearing that for some reason. Then she told me that she did have feelings for me during part of our relationship but that she didnt want to mess up our friendship. I knew all along that she did. I talked to her mom one day and she hinted that she really liked me. So last night i ordered roses for her for valentines day. Damn that made me nervous because i dont usually do stuff like that. Ill let yall know how it goes because i just know yall are waiting by your computers to see how my life is going to turn out. haha

Goldberg, don’t let them pull psycho tricks on you. You sound like a genuine “OK” guy, and “OK” guys usually end up like friends. For the time being I pretty much gave up on the idea of finding a female companion because I simply do not have the will to play games. However, I keep my fingers crossed for you if getting together with her is what you want.

Good vibes going your way bro.

Dood while I hate telling you this I figure that if you keep an open mind this will help you in the long run, tho perhaps hurt you in the short. This woman is using you as an emotional crutch, to her youre the “friend” (read without any male organs). She needs an emotional outlet and that’s fine I can understand that, she gets what she wants out of your relationship, but obviously you need more. I say be her friend for as long as you like, but forget about ever being anything deeper or physical. Hell if you take this advice she might see you as challenge and do you just to prove to herself that she’s still got it, then toss you aside again. I hope I’m wrong but I know I’m right.

I would say that there is a 90% chance that you will end up just where you were before only 2 hours apart this time. The only thing that I could imagine would change that, is if something happened that would make her overcome the distance that she established between you and her. She chose to have this distance for whatever reason (she felt something for you too, but still wanted to stay “friends”) and I don’t see why that should change now, in particular since you are now available for her again (on the phone). What strikes me a bit is that she doesn’t seem to have the desire to physically come closer to you. Now I’m not directly talking about sex, but anything leading in that direction (but I may be missing something here). Anyhow, I think roses were good idea. And you may also try to flirt with her on the phone, ya’ know, tease her, spice it up a bit (no, I’m not talking about phone sex - I said flirting :)). And try staying cool about it.

Dude, I agree with the “whatever” sentiment – if she didn’t know you liked her it was because she was being willfully ignorant. As to all that puffery about “the friendship,” another “whatever.” You’re doing the right thing by nutting up and going for it. If it doesn’t turn out well, at least you won’t spend your life wondering: “What if I had sacked up and gone for it?” And if it does, you’re in for a fun ride… Best of luck.

I dont expect anything out of sending roses but i figured that there is a small chance so what that fuck. who knows? I really dont expect things to change.

Well she got the roses and she called my cell phone. I was training someone so she left a message thanking me and saying that she started crying when she opened them up. I dont know if that means anything at all, and it probably doesnt, but i got a good laugh out of it. Im sure it made her day. And her calling me 4 times today made mine. Peace!

Good good. Good luck brother hope you get the goodies and all that stuff. Someone wanna pray for me to get a piece of ass? Preferable good looking and no mental problems or stds. LOL. :slight_smile:

She was actually talking about how my last name on her name had a nice ring to it. haha

Hey man…I’m not sure but I would guess from what you have said is that you are “Really hung up on this chick”. Well damn son…maybe it is time you communicate to her what it is you want, and be bold about it. I mean if you are looking for a long term relationship with her, by all means tell her. What can she say, No!!! Trust me I have been there…played every emotional game in the play book and then some. What it comes down to is plan and simple, good old fashion communication. You both need to talk about what it is you want. No need to get bent out of shape or anything…but tell her you want to talk, and talk about your future with her. I mean heck if she does not see it your way…by God I hope she tells you, and vice versa. Then at least maybe you both can remain just friends. Like I said I have been there so many times, and when I got a little older, I realized you kind of have to go with the attitude, what the f*&k. Play your cards and let the chips fall where they may. At least then every one is on a even playing field. Best of luck to you buddie, I think you have some deep feelings for her and you should at least let her know it. If she feels different, well then at least you both can move on with your lives. LIFE IS TO SHORT FOR HEAD GAMES!

I agree. She wants to go to the movies when she comes to town next week. Im gonna lay it on the line then.