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Old, Fat, Weak - Is Rippetoe for Me?


I have benn reading about Reppetoe’s “Starting Strength” program. I am interested in trying it out. However, I am 41, at least 20 pounds over weight and weak as a little girl. Is this program right for me or should I be looking at something else?

I am looking to be more fit, lest fat, and stronger. I have a gold’s gym membership, but I mainly just use the rowing machines there.



Yea that program is great for begginers, but since you state your 20lbs over weight don’t do the gallon of milk a day recommendation he explains in the book. For the weight loss I would recommend Intermittent fasting do a search and see if it suits your lifestyle. Also another alternative yet similar to Starting Strength is stronglifts which is very similar but differs in exercise selection i.e barbell row vs power clean. But they both emphasize Squats , OH Press , Deadlift done 5x5.

Probably not a bad idea. Start with the bar, add weight accordingly. How familiar are you with weight training?

This answered a lot for me. Thank you.

I am a 35 year old who hasn’t seriously lifted in about 15 years. I just joined a gym, and I was looking at Starting Strength and NROL. I am also weak as a little girl, but I am about 50 pounds overweight. My goals are to drop the fat, and get strong again.

I thought about using NROL as a get back into it program, and then doing Starting Strength, would it be better to go with Starting Strength? I like powerlifting and World Strongest Man type stuff more than say body building for the sake of looks alone.

Thoughts, advice, book / site recommendations?


Yes Starting Strength is definately worth trying, but the main thing is to start doing SOMETHING, instead of worrying about if it’s the optimal thing. Give it a go and see if it works. Do SS for the strength, then for the fat burning start really easy to avoid undoing all the work you’re putting into getting stronger, i.e. brisk walks first thing in the morning a couple of times a week, odd bits of intervals, and playing sports/ with your kids(?), etc.

Take before and after photos

Thank You Gym Savvy! I took my before pictures, once I have some after I will post. Makes sense to do the walks in the morning. Appreciate your feedback, I started reading the Starting Strength Wiki today, will definitely be picking up the book.