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Old fashioned parents

My parents are driving me nuts!! They want to buy a home gym but keep looking at this bowflex-type crap no matter how much I sell the free weights to them. They thought powerblocks and the like would be good for “someone like me” but that they needed something more on their level. I’m really going crazy here but I think if I can find a good, simple to read book written for middle aged people that shows the advantages of free weights over machines I have a better chance of helping them out. I even pointed out the cost as being better with free weights due to the flexibility, I pointed out the functional strength issue… They wont budge. Free weights to them are just for muscle bound young people.
For yars they ignored me about the carb issue but after reading the “Zone” books got into it and did great.
If anyone has a book in mind that is targeted for the middle aged to older people and written by someone who calls himself a doctor or something important I may be able to help them before it’s too late.
Thanks for the help and sorry if this sounds erratic, it’s early.

Just feel good that they are doing SOMETHING to better themselves. If it takes a Bowflex to get some one on a regular program, so be it. A mediocre program done consistently will do more good than a good program done sporadically.

I can see brider’s point, but if you get your parents to successfully buy those durn dumbells at least then you’d get a great workout area at home (tho I dunno if you live at home with em or what not)… so I can see where you’d want to struggle hard and well to convince them to buy em. Problem is that you are unlikely to suceed… Try to think in terms how your parents may think… for example they may think to themselves: “if I tell my buddies at work that I bought dumbells they’ll think I’m a moron, whereas if I tell them I bought a bowflex they’ll think I’m ritch/successfull/cutting edge…”

This may sound like heresy, but: Body for Life. Here me out. They can easily flip through the pictures or webpages and see people just like them (middle aged and out of shape) making what will seem to them to be amazing transformations. You don’t need to tell them anything negative (doctored photos, unscientific program, etc), except to say that this is a beginner’s program. It’ll get them into free weights, and will get them to work on their diets. Then, later on, you can try to get them to tackle more difficult and effective routines. Plus, it has recognizability behind it… everyone is doing it, it’s on the television, etc. Bill Phillips is also a reasonably good motivational writer, so just buy them the book and tell them to read it before buying anything.

testosterone advantage plan by menshealth

I hate to say it but i agree with the body for life thing…its a good plan for getting beginners doing free weights and also its laid out for you…plus the pics(whether they are fake or not) will motivate them…whatever you do keep em away from Jared(subway guy) and tony littles gazelle piece of shit…lol good luck dude…ps if they look at richard simmons vidoes check em into a mental institute.

I’m with Nephorm and Rob, it’s complete blasphemy but Body for Life is the way to go.

I feel you. Body for Life is a great book for people like your parents. But if are thinking of purchasing a home gym I would suggest the jackie chan’s cable machine…

I was actually suprised to see him supporting a infomercial because he really doesn’t need the money.

What I like about his machine is that it is based on a fly wheel resistance theory. and that the motion that you can do is a free motion. you can hit practially every joint muscle in your body… I bascially simulates any cable crossover machine but with more range of motion… Its also cheaper then the bow flex…

The only thing I have a problem with it is how sturdy is it and what type of tension is the fly wheel actually giving or how much…

Otherwise I am even considering on purchasing it for my home clients that I have. It is so portable…

But I do agree with you that free wieght is the way to go.