Old Chalk Still Good?

About 3 or 4 years ago I ordered a bunch of chalk. About 16 blocks (screwed up the order) lately I’ve noticed my chalk doesn’t stick to my hands the way the gyms chalk does. Can anyone confirm that the chalk almost hardens more and won’t coat your hands the same as newer stuff?

I’ve used old chalk and haven’t had any issues with it

did it get stored anywhere humid maybe?

Not really. Just an extra room. But something seems off with my chalk. I can’t get a lot on my hands it will only light coat it with my chalk but can get a heavy coat with the other. Both are rogue.

Rogue is notorious for sketchy chalk.

Pretty sure most places have it sitting around for years before they sell it haha

Have had chalk 5+ years. If it’s inside and dry, it’s fine.
I don’t buy from rogue.

I have a piece of chalk that is weird like that too, it was originally fine but I had it sitting around in a bowl in my basement when it was way too humid, no dehumidifier at the time and when I got one and plugged it in it said 74% humidity. Now if I try to rub it on my hands it barely leaves any residue, while the next piece from the same box (which was wrapped up during that time) is normal. Even now, months later when it’s dry as hell, the chalk is still messed up. I should probably just crush it up, it might be more useful in powder form.

Was the chalk like that when you first got it or became that way over time? I don’t know if there is such a thing as bad chalk but it’s possible that at some point it was exposed to a lot of humidity before reaching you.

My wife bought me 16 blocks of chalk for my first birthday we spent together as a married couple. It has been more than a decade, and I am on block 4. Still works like day 1.


Wish more people understood you don’t need an entire block of chalk per session.


This must be what happened. In going to order some new stuff and give my old stuff to the gym lol.

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I’ve literally used MAYBE a fourth of a block after a year+. Angers the fuck out of me to see so much all over the floor and shit when I get there. I keep mine in a Tupperware container inside of a ziplock bag and rub my hands together inside that. It just seems so pointless to do that Mark Bell shit, but what do I know I’m far from hardcore.


As an ex climber, where chalk is almost a given, I agree.

Chalk is to remove the moisture from your hands to improve grip. Excess chalk will actually decrease grip.


I’m somewhere in between these extremes, I suppose. I bought a box from Rogue that had 8 blocks about…three years ago, I think. I’m on my fourth or fifth block right now. I had a period where I was probably a bit heavy-handed with it (and learned, as dagill said, that excess chalk was doing me no favors other than looking SUPER hardcore with a big cloud of chalk dust).

Bringing chalk to a gym is a great, cheap way to make friends. Like bringing candy to the strip club.


Like…dropping her off for work or something?