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Old Cartoon ID Please


So anyone know the story of this pic? I'm trying to find the episode so I can get the full story....can't believe that's what's really going down. Lol


Thats the back of Betty Boops head. I’d recognize it anywhere!

Looks like she’s blowing her way through the ranks to get up to Tommy The Cat.


Obviously Betty Boop, but it looks like a photoshop job.

The cat character could possibly be Al E. Katz, who appeared in Pudgy the Watchman. Al was a good-for-nothing drunkard cat who liked to peek up Betty’s skirt, but he was only half Betty’s height and as far as I remember he never forced her to fellate him. Beyond that I got nothin. Sorry.


That was the episode where Betty Boop sucks the dog’s dick. Pretty obvious from the pic.


Seen ID and Cartoon and thought this was a Iron Dwarf thread. Damn

The pic has been shopped just FYI.


She could be crying and he’s consoling her. That’s my bet.


I was promised a blowjob if I could find this cartoon


sadly is a montage.