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Old Broads and Weight Training

Are you going skydiving in that avatar pic?

That’s cool… : )

[quote]Ratchet wrote:
JayPierce wrote:

Feeble attempt at trying to drive a point home at 4am. I was merely saying (well, trying to) that unless you’re already at the point where resistance training is a detriment to your bone structure, go for it.

actually, recent research in bone density has shown that resistance training and vibrational training (its a wacky gismo you stand on that vibrates to simulate and activity like jumping for old people) has been shown to encourage bone’s to grow / become more dense and may cure ostioporosis.

Had a seminar here last week by a professor who is doing research on it…[/quote]

That’s awesome. Any mention of hormonal supplementation involved in this research? I think I read something a while back about HGH helping with this, too.

But again,OP, you’re being too modest. You don’t look like an old broad. You look like you’re in pretty damn good shape already.