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Old Bottle of Androsol

I just found an old bottle of Androsol that was about half full. I had forgot it in a piece of luggage that I had not used in about 3 years.

I immediately sprayed about 30 sprays on my arms back and chest. Within about 30 minutes, I was in anabolic/androgenic heaven.

Man, I forgot how powerful a feeling this stuff provides. When is there going to be a true substitute for this stuff? Nothing else has come close.

Yep - I loved this stuff too.
I did all the Biotest stuff, and while MAG-10 was absolutely the shit, I loved Androsol, and was disappointed when they dis-continued it.

There really is a “rush” of some type when you spray on a big dose.

If Big Brother wasn’t in charge here in the US, I would be doing MAG-10 / Androsol cycles forever. Dammit.