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Okay I know we've tried this before but we have a wave of new logs and its getting hard to quickly find the people you are following closely so I thought maybe we could try this again.

The is the Brotherhood of Iron thread.

In this thread we will post our training and training related stuff only. The personal stuff should stay in your logs. As well as cat pics and other icons. The girl in the pink shirt gif is the exception.

I'm not suggesting you not put your training in your logs but rather copy and paste it to here as well.

This way people who only have a couple of minutes can jump to this thread and catch up on their friends training and then go to the individual logs when they have more time.

This has worked well in another forum so it should work here and it should only take a couple of extra seconds.

I'll start off.

I started taking D-aspartic acid. So far I've been taking it in the morning but I'm wondering if there would be any advantages to taking it pre-lifting.

Any advice?

I'll be posting my lifting in here this afternoon.

Maybe it will work this time.

This way


Nice Idea. I'm in.

Tue, Jan17 2012

Bench - 215x3x8
JM Press - 135x10x5 First time for these. A rather odd movement.
Cable Rows - 140x7x5, 220x3x3
Standing Mil - 195x1x3
Curls - 80x5, 100x5


Wednesday, 3:50 am 278lbs

Squat warm up: 120x20
Power clean: 3x155x5 Oh damn I loaded wrong it was 3x150x5
OHP: 145x6, 145x4, 145x5
Hammer low row: 70x8, 70x6, 70x4
Treadmill interval: 17 minutes


Great lifting guys.

For those that haven't seen the other BOI thread here's the link so you can see how they work it.



Well said Joe.

I think it's getting a bit too 'Facebook' here of late.

I joined to read and talk about LIFTING! and there doesn't seem to be much of that going on.

I don't care about football or cat pics or when you did your ironing.

So a lifting only log sounds a great idea.


I like it Joe. Just ended a deload yesterday so Friday I'll post something more note worthy but yesterday:

Again deload

OHP 115 2x8
Behind the neck press 85 2x8
Upright row 85 2x8

Tbar rows 135 2x10
Front plate raise 45 2x15

Lying tri ext 85 2x12
DB curls 35 2x12

What about videos? I think they should go here but that just my opinion? That's how the other BOI does it.


yep, videos absolutely belong here.


i like the idea as well. there's a lot of good lifting going on over here but it's hard to get to it all with so many logs. i'll be posting.


I'm in...nobody likes my thread anyway...woe is me..wait...is that facebookish !?!?

Bench 5*235

D-bell bench press 5*15*60
D-bell ros 5*10*60


I like it Joe simple and easy. I promise not to derail thread with girl boobs or ass.

Thursday Circuit day 2

Warm Up
400 meter run, dislocates, various push ups, goblet squats, foam rolling

135 X 15 X Push Press
BW X 15 X GHD situps
BW X 50 X Reverse Jump ropes (I am so fucking uncoordinated)

135 X 15 X Push Press
BW X 15 X GHD situps
BW X 50 X Reverse Jump ropes

135 X 15 X Push Press
BW X 15 X GHD situps
BW X 50 X Reverse Jump ropes

135 X 15 X Push Press
BW X 15 X GHD situps
BW X 50 X Reverse Jump ropes

135 X 15 X Push Press
BW X 15 X GHD situps
BW X 50 X Reverse Jump ropes

Time 17 minutes

Mobility and Lacrosse ball work


I should clarify that I think its okay to comment on peoples liting in this thread.


Does that mean you are going to rip me on the days I am working on cardio and flexibility?

:slight_smile: jk


Thanks for bringing this back Joe

oldman powers- nice OHP

Dj nice volume


Hi Joe, can I join in?

I'm on a standard 4 day split.
chest,back, shldrs, legs.
concentrating on bring my DL up into the 400's.

the rest are ancillary exercises for bulk.

I like it that people quit asking me if I 'work out' and now just figger that I must.

I do DL's on back day, and have been working up to 365 triples.

goal is 405 triples by the end of Feb.


I'm also doing D-Aspartic acid. I'm taking it pre-workout mixed in with my regular pre-workout (cracked) supplement. I like it so far, seems to be working.


quick update tried something different today did this


Huge day

Mobility lots

ARack pull.
Below knees 135x10 225x5 315 x5 405 x5

B1 sumo dead
225x5 315x5 315x5 405x3
465x2, 405x3 405x3, 315x5, 314x5

B2 box Squat 12"box
 225x5 225x5 275x5 315x3 315x3
 275x3 225x5 225x5

B sb snatch 70x4 80 3x3 each
C HLR feet to bar. 4x10

D face pulls


ok are SOI allowed to play too?

Box Squats against choked lights
doubles @ 185 / 225
singles @ 255 / 285 / 315 / 345

BB Hip Thrusts
10 @ 45 / 95 / 135

10 @ 135 / 155 / 185

Standing cable crunch

Rack Picks
10 sec holds @ 405 / 495 / 515 / 515

Pistol Squats (first time)
3 sets of 10 each leg @ BW


531 Week C1/W3 Squat Day

Warmup to 185

230 x 5
265 x 3
295 x 5 Video for depth

325 x 1
315 x 1
315 x 2 x 2
245 x 10

Calves - 8 plates 4 sets of 15

Good Mornings
135 x 10
165 x 10
185 x 8

BW x 10
BW x 8
BW x 7
BW x 5


Hmm I might have to try that.


damn, that is impressive~