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Old Bodybuilding Pros


whats the reasons why old bodybuilding pros, the guys at the top of their game look like just the average joe on the street after they retire and get a bit older? i recently seen pictures of arnold, lou f, ken waller, frank zane, and they look 180 degrees different from their hay day..

the best local guys at my gym looked awsome back in the 70's, 80's, 90's and still look the same today.and back then in my eyes some of these local guys looked like the best guys in the magazines.. hell, you open up any bodybuilding magazine now and the guys in the ads look as good as the top 10 guys in the big o.. every guy in those magazines looks awsome. judging a contest would be very very hard..

but still seeing awsome local guys today that look the same as they did 30-40 years ago vs seeing the top guys how the look then and how they look now is just amazing.

arnold looks like my neighbor, a retired office manager. zane looks like the skinny dad down the street, and waller looks like the local neighbor guy on the barstool..

whay is that? what happened to theie bodies? the local guys are still busting tail at the guy..the best from the past look like crap now, and the awsome looking local guy looks the same 30 years later. only thing changed on the the local guy is hes older looking..



Skinny dad down the street?


The guys that kept up with their lifting and ahem "supplementation" still look pretty good.

Bill Grant, Robby Robinson, Ric Drasin... all in their 60's on HRT and looking pretty good. As for
Arnold, Franco and the rest of them, I dunno, maybe they didn't have a decent PCT? LOL


Chances are that if you hadn't gotten used to seeing the older Pros all juiced up, you wouldn't think they look so small and 'normal' now. Also, consider how much attention they used to give to their training and diet, vs now.



I bet Arnold would still look pretty impressive in person.

That may be the main difference between all those legends you mentioned alongside the guys you know from down the street.


I posted a recent picture of Arnold a while back (forget the thread) in which he was wearing a snug fitting black shirt... guy looked pretty good for his age.

Now, Mr. Nubret, on the other hand... DEFINITELY looked like my elderly mailman.


The tastefully named Samir Bannout, 1983 Mr. O, posed 2 weeks ago.


^^I spent about 2 minutes wondering what you could mean by "tastefully named" before I figured you out. Cute.


I see Lou F at various cons couple times a year, still impressive!


Lou Forigno is still huge, even at 60 something years old.



I dunno - Arnold looks pretty good for a 65 year old. Definitely not your average retiree.


Hey where you been lately?


Hah! I was wondering the same recently. Also LankyMofo.


I'm a little confused. You know what some guys at your gym looked like 40 years ago? Were they competing back then, with photos or magazine coverage or something?

And also, as was said, you're kinda talking nonsense.

Pictured above, 63 year old Dave Draper in 2005.


Robby Robinson, at the age of 65, guest posing last month.

Tom Platz, recently training with intensity:


Most people (even on lifting boards from what I can tell) still act like that one shot of Arnold out-of-shape at the beach years ago before he got back into shape (I don't remember the exact story/reasons, sorry) is what he still looks like/always looked like post movie-career. The non-training public likely doesn't know any better... Or doesn't want to (some articles man...).

And yeah... Those who stick with the game (and possibly stay on HRT... Or more) tend to still look great much later.
Hell, Larry Scott's arms at times looked almost better much later on than they did during his competition days (or at least that's what it seemed like to me)... Nubret before his death was what, only 10-20 lbs off his best at most by age 60+ ?

I just hope they don't overdo it with the leanness and esp. dehydration at an advanced age for guest posing etc...


Ok, maybe not better nowadays, but not much smaller either.
A few years back I think he actually was in his best shape ever... Before that, after retiring from competition he also got out of shape for a bit, but apparently it wasn't much of a problem getting right back to swoledom.


I think the Arnold pic was taken around his heart surgery.


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