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Old Blood Work Questions

Background Info : 27 m 218lbs 6’1 training 5 years.

Cycles : 1 Sust Cycle (500mg EOD) Last sept - nov Post: Nolva 40/40/20/10
2: Var Only : 70Mg ED 6 weeks (march) Post : Nolva 40/40/20/10

Okay so I’m about to get blood work for the first time post AAS.

On the Sust Cycle I had the best Libido Ive ever had in about 3 years. I usually feel as though my drive is way lower than it should be. …

So that had me thinking and I obtained copies of 2 past lab tests. One from 2009 and 2010…

These are my test results as well as some items I would like to know if I should be alarmed about ESPECIALLY THE FSH LEVELS

As you will see they are consistent in the following years blood work as well.

*2 diff doctors in my area…neither doctor mentioned anything wrong when I went either time for these results…

(*Note these are all pre AAS. I will be getting blood results again soon)

**2009 late Age 25 :

DHEA Sulfate: 240L 280-640 Normal
LH 5.1 1.5-9.3 Normal
FSH 0.7 1.4-18.1 Normal
Prolactin 12.1 2.1-17.7 Normal
Test Serum 555 241-827 Normal
Test Free 16.59 5.00- 21.00 Normal
Vitamin D 31.5L 32.00-100 Normal

2010 Age 26: (limited testing was done)

Test Serum 505
TSH 2.86

*other values were not tested…

Any info would be appreciated

Weird that your FSH was so low given your good LH levels…they tend to track one another…not sure what to make of that…but your T levels are fine (Free T is excellent) so it doesn’t appear to be an issue for you…could have been a lab error

DHEA indicates a degree of conversion issues…how are your cholesterol levels?

TSH at 2.86 is a possible problem…do you have hypothyroid symptoms?

What are your current symptoms?

THis may be better in the TRT forum…