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Old Atomic Dog about a Jack Russell and TC's Dog


there's an old atomic dog that Id like to read again about TC letting his dog off the leash to run down a jack russell terrier, but the jack russell didnt budge... It was written in the first 4 years. If any body can recall the title or has a link it would be appreciated... yes, I searched for jack russell and skimmed the titles of the first 4 years of atomic dogs... no luck.


Even I don't remember that.

I let my dog off-leash to go after a Jack Russell?

I'm not saying I didn't write it, but it doesn't sound like something I'd do. (I like dogs; all of 'em.)

Let me think about it and see if I can come up with what you're looking for.


guest Atomic Dog ?


thanks TC. I very distinctly remember the theme was about the jack russell standing his ground, how the smaller dog started chasing your (bigger) dog . I believe you used the term testosterone blow off valve, and the old man apologizing profusely while his dog made chase and you were embarassed about the ordeal. Its one of my favorite inspisrational articles, up there with Chris Shugart's set your self on fire.


Hey I do not mean to steal your thread but I am looking for an older Shugart artice, somthing about taking steps forward?