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Old Age Stinks!


I just got back in the gym after 6 weeks of flu/travel/work and most of my gains over the previous six months have been wiped out. Bugger!

Ah, well, to qoute a famous philosopher "Just keep swimming."


You will be back to where you were in a week.

Don't worry about it.


LOL, ok, that made me laugh at my desk.


I have noticed that as I have gotten older gains come harder. But, I tend to keep what I gain with minimal effort.


Thanks guys, you give me hope


For me the best part of being 49 is beating most of those young guys in the gym. Just back to it and you'll be mopping the floor with some of those young 'uns in no time. Besides I don't consider anyone old until they have wear Depends in the gym.


I think one of the reasons that we "beat them in the gym" is their unbelievably poor work ethic.

I sometimes stop and literally laugh at some of the 20 somethings who seem to quit when something gets difficult.

Now, that's not all of them I don't want any hate mail. I'm sure all the 20 somethings on T-Nation are...um very tough.


My training partner is 17 years younger than I am and I routinely out train him.

We even did a workout once of box squats same percent of max, followed by good mornings, reverse hyperextensions, and pull thrus. He actually had to have me carry both our gym bags out and hold onto my shoulder on the way out. I frequently out train the other guys.

One problem they have is some work ethic, but another is myth of overtraining. Look powerlifters and olympic lifters used to work hard, physically demanding jobs, and still train hard. They made great gains. Most of us now sit in offices, and do not do that much else.

With the deaths I see in powerlifting and body building lately I firmly believe one cause is the over consumption of food and drugs and lack of training and a life to go with it.


I agree with your observation about work ethic. Another observation about how many young folks seem to train, a small injury and its straight to the docter who tells them to lay off for two weeks and do lay off for two weeks. Us older guys seem more accepting of pain, discomfort, and injury - we just work around what we have to and keep on pluggin away. This is probably related to your work ethic comment.


I wonder if squatting/deadlifting might help stave this problem off. Seriously.


This might make you feel better (or not).



We didn't have computers and were outside every day rain, sun, snow didn't matter. Made us into men.



Careful Zeb. You're beginning to sound like the four Yorkshiremen in Monty Python.

"Well, we 'ad it tough..."


I used to walk to school in the rain and snow uphill both ways!