OLAD, Squat Alternative Due to Patellar Tendinitis?

I currently do the one lift a day program with the following lifts

Overhead press

Pulldowns or chins

Bench press


Trap Bar Deadlift (high handles)


However, I have patella tendinitis and it feels like a sharp cut down my patella when warming up on the squat even if I tightly wrap my knees up, I’ve been advised by a medical professional to stop squatting and a sports physician suggested leg extensions instead for rehab

The question is, what can I replace squat with on a one lift a day program as Leg extensions would be inferior in my eyes, should I replace with a curl or something else that is a best bang for my buck? I’m not sure.

I’m looking for suggestions, I’m working out at home so equipment is slim too


How about giving your leg a break until it heals? I mean, even if you don’t do squats or any quads focused work for a few weeks it will not hurt with your long term progress, especially considering that your trap bar deadlift does involve the quads a bit.

There are strength athletes who stop training completely for 1-2 months a year, missing out on one lift for a few weeks will not kill you.

Learn to make decisions based on an objective analysis of the facts, not on emotions or fear of missing out


Thankyou very much for the reply, you are right, in the grand scheme of things I’ll be fine without them

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Not to detract from CTs answer but how about Prowler pushing?

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I had a little tendonitis once I just stopped all quad work, just did some deadlifts, leg curls (and maybe lunges?) for a couple weeks and it never came back.

As @believer423 said you could qlso try sled/prowler work. Especially dragging. It was always great for my knees. Afger the surgeries it was my main quad work. Had no sled though, I would drag a big tire across the parking lot with chains

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