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OLAD Program - Power & Oly Lifts


I'm a Crossfitter (no! don't stop reading the post!!!) but I'm looking for something different as I enter the Rugby season.


I've come up with these exercises for the One-Lift-a-Day program.

Monday - Squats (with the jumps in between)

Tuesday - Press - (push press to replace the jumps of the squats)

Wednesday - Power Cleans (not sure if I can do another exercise to supplement this one)

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Deadlifts (speed deads with smaller weight)

Saturday - Snatches (not sure how this is going to work after DL day.. but I need to put them in somewhere)

After carefully crafting my exercise choices, I realized I forgot chin-ups.

Questions I have are:
Will these exercises work for my goals of overall strength gains without creating strength imbalances?

Which day do you think I should add pull-ups?
Maybe replace Snatch day... because it would mostly be practising technique since I'm not as comfortable with the snatch as much as the clean.
Although It would suck to only have one Oly lift in there...

Do you think I will have adequate rest from the DL day to Squat day, and vice versa?
Although I think four days would be enough... but Danny John said that I wouldn't be walking the next day after squats (that would be pretty cool!)

Rest from Press day to Powerclean day could be a problem to...

Thanks for any input!



Maybe just do snatches light to work on technique, but don't count them as one of your lifts. You could even do them on a day off.

Should be OK. If you've been doing Crossfit, your recovery should be better than most.

If you can't walk, how are you going to do push presses?


why jump why nopt just Squat your ass off after your donme squatting if you have enough left jump to your hearts content and be sure next time squat with a bit more intensity

same with the other "one" lifts. Honestly if you give them the attention deserved you shouldnt need the conditioning type work If you need conditioning then have a day for it


why not work antagonists? do your OH pressing and chins on one day etc etc. then you could easily cut the strenght days to three wweek if needed and add that conditioning

Hmm sure prob I see three days in a row really nailing the post chain in similar way, Power clean dl and snatch might think about that.

He's not blowing smoke you wont be able to IF you do them with intensity.

Best of luck




If I can't walk? I'll just shift all the days over one!

Thanks for the tip on Snatches. Great idea.


Its not for Conditioning. It is part of his article.


Hopefully that link works.

Didn't think about the PC chain "overload"

I'm thinking about putting Squats and Deadlifts on the same day (ala Andy Bolton) and your idea for Antagonist work is intriguing.

Maybe it will be a "two-lift-a-day workout" by the end of this.

P.S. I'm taking a week off from training just to plan this out... and rest of course :slight_smile:

ANOTHER QUESTIONS: Does anyone know what the 5-3-2 protocol means?



On the 5-3-2 day the idea is more or less to work up to a max double. The 5 and 3 rep sets should also be pretty close to your max for those reps.


I've done this and here's how it works: you basically squat as much as you can, then with no rest do bodyweight jump squats ten times. So it's a drop set of sorts. But you're right that if going after mass gain and not athletic performance it might be better to skip the jumps and instead go a little heavier or cut down the rest periods.

But if jumping you can use that for the Oly lifts also. I've also done light one-arm db snatches. Depending on where you work out you could also do sprints or sled drags.