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OLAD Loads/Straight Sets?


Will straight sets work for OLAD, Dan John's one lift a day program, or should I try wave loading for more optimal results?

If you recommend I use the wave, can you recommend a good pattern in %1RMs or point me to something as a guide? The stuff I have read while searching doesnt seem to be too specific and I have never done this type of loading before.



This is pretty funny. I just made this toy last night. Try it out.


Flat loading is less than optimal



good stuff from Mark

a nice thing about Captain John's OLAD journey is that it only takee 3 weeks ... mess about for a week ... and set sail again

i've done it both ways ... waves are probably better, but i don't have enough experience with them ... mentally they are nice

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I personally prefer the term "disciple".



my, how timely. thanks!