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After being injured and not being able to train for a number of weeks I feel just about ready to start again. I had up until my injury ( done at work ) been having great success with EDT and its to that which I shall be returning.

However during my injury I was reading a lot on here and came across OLAD ( One Lift A Day ) and was struck by its simplicity and I am eager to try it in the future. My plan is to work out six days a week twice a day using just a solitary lift per day and done in the EDT style.

The A.M session will be heavy, as many reps of a 5RM as I can in ten minutes. The P.M will be lighter, as many reps utilising a 10 RM in ten minutes. After both sessions I intend to drink a protein shake to gain benefit from both post workout windows.

The exercises I have chosen are
Front Squats
Barbel Curls
Pull ups
Bench Press
Push Press.

What do you guys think of the logic and exercise choice behind this routine? What order do you think I should do these exercises in?


Staley has a PR session for heavy lifts where you are close to your 1 RM(maybe 85%), and you try to do 15 reps in 15 minutes. SO if it takes you 10 seconds to do one rep, then you have 50 seconds of rest.

I have read here from an author that heavy in the morning and reps in the evening is effective, although my questsions as to why were never answered.

With staleys PR session of singles, that was always followed with supllementary EDT work.

IF you don’t have a lot of time, maybe the 15 singles in the morning might work. I tried it with snatches and it was definitely taxing.
Try the singles to see how you like it, and then do 5 reps as normal in the evening with the same bodyparts

also, i would recommend
shoulder press/olympic lifts
in any order
i have not found order particularly important. somedays i don’t feel like i have it in me for chest, so I will deadlift, some days vice versa even though my scheduele says otherwise.

For the evening workout, do 2 10 or 15(15 is recommended) minute EDT session for the bodypart. For example, if you did chest in the morning, do triceps and a different chest exercise at night