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OLAD Again

OLAD is good. I’m finally putting on weight (sloooowly, but still!), my lifts are (slightly) up, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! The “week off” became the “week of fun and craziness in the gym” with accompanying soreness, but still!

I’ve started my second cycle, and changed it up a little. This time I’m doing front squats (arms crossed in front), bench presses, 1h DB snatches and conventional deadlifts. I’m also doing one EDT day, which consists of weighted chins and dips for 20 min. Warm-ups are always power snatches, OH squats, presses, rows and curls with an empty (10 kg) bar, plus a warm-up set or two on the actual movement.

Hopefully adding EDT into the mix won’t lead to burnout. It looks good on paper, anyway.

The beauty of OLAD is of course its simplicity. For a chronic routine changer like me, it’s just about perfect. The training week is very varied, and even if I do a non-favourite movement, I know it’s only for three weeks and stick with it.

I keep saying it: Thanks, DJ!

I’ve heard people mention OLAD several times on this board, could you please tell me what it is?

thanks, and i hope you keep the gains coming!

One Lift A Day- check out Dan John on this site.

here is the link to the article

[quote]wesstangl wrote:
One Lift A Day- check out Dan John on this site.[/quote]

who is John Dan?

[quote]Bastard wrote:
wesstangl wrote:
One Lift A Day- check out Dan John on this site.

who is John Dan?[/quote]

He is Dan John, only backwards…

Peck: Looks like the others beat me to it…

Anyway, OLAD is well worth trying out - it’s a very refreshing way to train/work out. I highly recommend it!

I’ll probably run with it for another cycle, do something completely different for a month or two, then get back into it again.