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OL thread

just wanted to try and start an olympic Weightlifting thread to see if anyone is interested in exchanging ideas about training. I for intance have successfully integrated chains into the performance of the classic lift as well as the power versions. How do you guys organize your training, what is your exercise selection, what gives you trouble and how have you overcome some of these difficulties. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling. I have alot of Ideas that don’t jive with traditional OL training, so would like to run some of them by others and hopefully garner some ideas from you all.

I don’t know that much about olympic lifting, but as an athlete, my training involves snatches, power cleans and their variants. I haven’t been using these for very long (about 6 weeks) and these movements are definitely a challenge. The snatch in particular is a very humbling exercise. Since I’m a thrower, the 1-handed snatch is a favorite of mine. Just curious, what is a good weight for the snatch and power clean (1RM) relative to bodyweight?

I use alot of O-lifts because I train for hockey and lacrosse. I always start out my workouts with some kindo of explosive movement because that is when the neurons are all fired up. I dont really like doing jerks because they tend to bother my shoulder tho. Any ideas?

I like to do things such as heavy isometrics, shrugs,lockouts etc before doing the olympic lifts…anything that makes the weight feel lighter really seems to help me with speed and explosion.

HEY! Can you possibly give me your workout, as I also play hockey too. What level do you play at?

A Great sports specific Hockey exercise that you may want to try is a a Latpulldown that you hold like you where going to use a Laccrosse stick or hockey and you pull it diagonally to your chest instead of pulling it strainght down.

What would be a good snatch depends on how much you weigh, among other things. you say you throw. what do you throw, I coach the throws at a club team, but not the javeline.
how far are throws. I hope you know them in metric. Anyway for most thrower if you can power snatch your body weight that is good, assuming you’re not some 300lbs monster in which case that would be very good.

how soon after doing the isometrics to you perform the lift. I’ve known people to do this but have never incorperated it myself. The pull has always been the easier part for me. The weight seldom feels too heavy. The recovery from the clean and sometimes I receive the bar too far forward in the snatch.

Funny that I would run across this post tonight. I have my first training session with an OL coach tomorrow morning (he was also an on the French OL team) so I imagine I will be able to give a more of a low down on beginner routines from someone who actually knows what they are doing (as opposed to me) tomorrow. In the meantime poke around lifttilyadie dot com to see a lot of OL sites on the web, many of which list beginner routines. One of the better sites on OL for beginners I have come across is danjohn dot org. Also the stengthonline archive has some articles by John Cissik which are pretty useful (and which include a beginners program).


anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes after doing the heavy lift seems to give me positive results on the o lift