OL Program - Including Intervals?

Started doing CT’s OL program from his Black book of Training Secrets and really enjoying it. However could I have opinions on incorporating running intervals with the plan.

Since it involves 4 days of OL, I’d be running 1-2 days and is this likely to lead to burn out (I.e. cause my legs will be getting worked for 6 days)?

Or would some form of GPP work be a better option?

Reason for wanting to use intervals is to maintain some anaerobic/aerobic conditioning over the 12 weeks of the program

FWIW the interval plan is CT’s one from the book and I think it’s been posted on T-Nation before (ranges from 30s max sprints with 60s rest to 400m intervals)


FWIW, I have seen an OL program that included sprints, probably because sprints help develop power. But the sprints were actually part of that program and counted as part of the volume. CT’s plan already has a lot of volume. I think sprints would be a lot of work on top of the 4-day a week plan. However, the 4th day on the plan is “remedial day” where you work on weaknesses. Perhaps you could keep the remedial exercises to a minimum and do sprints instead. You could also try doing sprints instead of the jump squats on jerk day, or just do more sets of jump squats since these, on their own, are excellent for GPP. I once did sets of 30 jump squats with just the bar and the next day my hamstrings felt like I had done max effort squats.

That sounds cool, but here is what I would do instead of doing the workout M,W,F,Su do it on a 8 day cycle. MWF, and then the fourth workout would be on the following monday. I tried this for the month of june using a westside split and it worked awesome I have never hit so many PR’s in one month. If we are lucky CT will chim in with the correct answer.
Good luck

Thanks guys for the replies - both just what I was after. Especially like the ideas of using the remedial day and/or changing the workout days. I’ll have a think about what works for me and then go from there…