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-[][][]---OL Log 4---[][][]-


I get to start the new one! HAHA

monday 21/2/11
3,2x75 missed two reps

Happy that I didn't hit pelvissss... kept arms a lot more relaxed. Need more practice to speed it up and be able to do the 2nd pull now properly that I know I won't die from pain.

clean and jerk
2+1, 1+1, 2+1x90
2+1, 1+2x95
1+1x100 Was supposed to do 95, asked coach to do 100, he's like... eh lets try it and whatever!

back squats

Squats were harder than I expected. The sets with 120 anyway, the other sets felt easier compared to other times

push press

press behind neck

Didnt have time to do snatch pulls.

Happy about today, mostly with getting to figure out what I did wrong in the snatch!


Posting so I know when you guys update this so I can keep tabs on what you fuckers are up to.

EDIT: Just saw the subscribe button. Goddammit.



Front squat - heavy single - 310, ez

Snatch - 85% x 1 x 5 - 205, not so ez, my technique has been retarded, feel like I'm starting from scratch

Snatch pulls - 95% x 2 x 2 - 235

Snatch deadlift - 100% x 2, +10kg x 2 - 245, 270

BS Fallouts - 4x10


Monday - Snatch, Hang Clean, Bench Press, Row, Squat

-40 kg x 3
-50 x 2, 2
-60 x 2
-65 x 1, 1
-70 x 0, 1, 1
-75 x 1, 1
-80 x 0, 1
-85 x 0, 0

Hang Clean (below the knee):
-70 kg x 3
-80 x 2
-90 x 2
-95 x 2
-100 x 2, 2, 2

Bench Press:
-135 lbs x 5
-185 x 5
-235 x 4, 3, 3

Barbell Cheat Row:
-70 kg x 3
-120 x 3, 3, 3 (a bit too heavy lol)

Back Squat:
-135 lbs x 5
-185 x 4
-225 x 3
-275 x 3
-300 x 3
-305 x 3
-315 x 1 (tried for 3)

-snatches caught lower, but not great
-wrist feeling better with the tape


Andy, what are BS Fallouts?


Front squats



Today my knee was kind of tight and got tighter as I did snatches so I called it quits after a few sets. Hopefully it's just a minor irritation.


Blast strap fallouts. Check out Mike Robertson's recent article (21st century core training or something)


Ahh. Those look tough!


felt like my abs were splitting apart. felt good though, I needed some more ab exercise ideas.


haha, mofo. I'm chasing you and I'm going to hunt you down.


11 Session


dynamic stretches

bar work
40 x 2
50 x 2
60 x 1
70 x 1 : not feeling the snap that I had on Monday
80 x 1
90 x 1
100 x 1
105 x 1 : a bit rough

bar work
50 x 2
70 x 2
90 x 1
110 x 1
130 x 0 : failed jerk
130 x 0 : failed jerk
130 x 0 : failed jerk
70 x 2
120 x 1

Decline sit ups

Not feeling the snap...turns out I got ill on Tuesday so thats why my Wednesday session was so drastically different to the Monday where I felt on fire and really strong!



English Champs

I was really f0cking ill on Friday and had to take a day off work. I felt terrible. I started to feel terrible on Thursday and was thinking why was my Wednesday session so bad? Well now I know! Up to my head in cold and flu pills, a savage bout of sweating in bed and just feeling weak as f0ck.

I felt better on Saturday, but wasn't sure how I would lift :frowning:

Bw 88.2kg, thats the lighest I've been in ages. Thats after 5 sandwhiches, 2 apples and a litre of water! Late 2pm weigh in.

Snatch warm up
bar work
40 x 2
50 x 1
60 x 1
70 x 1
80 x 1
90 x 1
100 x 1
105 x 1 : rough

110x : in front
110x : rushed it in front, right arm buckles a tiny bit, but I saw some dodgy decisions being given so that was cack
110 : stuck it

Only one other competitor in the 94's today. All of the other 94's that would have qualified were injured or not competiting. He finished on 105kg but weighed lighter. So I've got 4kg on him now (if people lift the same the lighter person wins on bodyweight)

C&J warm up
bar work
60 x 1
80 x 1
100 x 1
110 x 1
120 x 1

130 : felt good

he went for 135 and got it,
137 : felt good
I chose to pick 140 next, he has to pick 142 to total the same and beat me on bw. He picks 141?! I'm thinking wtf?! I think his PB is 140 so he wants a PB, rather then beat me.

I again raise my weight to 142.

He goes out to do 141, misses, takes it again and misses. I'm the English Champ now :slight_smile:

148 lol I went for a PB and failed lol. Should have just taken 142 but I'm guessing the result wouldn't have been any better. Lost all of my focus.


Probably the lowest winning total in the history of the 94 class LOL. But f0ck it. The other guys didn't turn up, I was ill as f0ck and did what I did. The other dude didn't make it easy for me and I knew I needed to do at least 110. I'm sure, had he been up on the Snatch, he'd have walked over me and I don't think I could have C&J enough to beat him with him having a lead on the C&J on me. I nearly bombed out myself!

I'll take solace that I'm a strong competitor no matter how f0cked I am. I won't go down without a fight and won't make it easy for anyone to get one over me. Good strategy goes a long way in a close competition. 137 was a solid choice to push him to take 142 to beat me.

12yrs, first Senior title :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Plan until the British Championships.

Back on the creatine to increase bw
Pound the Squats. Get them up to 180x4, 190 x 2, 200 level to start with. Then hammer to double 200 by the end of the year, increase to 210. One thing I'm lacking is brute leg strength so I'm going to smash these relentlessly and not be so lazy when I'm not on the Russian Squat Routine. This will be my oxygen to my lifting. These MUST BE DONE.

Do more pulls, DL, increase hamstring leg strength.

More back work, do some hypers.

C&J 3x vs Snatch 1x. On one of the C&J I'll do some Snatchs.

Add 4th session on a Thursday where I'll squat and do some rack jerks

I'll see where I am after the British.

But I know for sure that if I'm to C&J big 155+ I'm going to have to front squat 170 for 4-5reps.

12th Session


Dynamic Stretches

Back Squats : Going to use 160 as my base, do 2reps x 6sets, each session I'm going to ambitiously add one extra rep to all of the sets. Goal is to end up with 6x6 and monster volume strength in the legs. Then I'll up the weight to 170 and do the same. If I feel smashed or not up to a session where I increase the reps I'll go back to 2reps x 6sets. Basically a modified Russian.

bar x 8
bar x 6
60 x 6
60 x 4
80 x 3
100 x 2
120 x 2
140 x 2

160 x 2 : felt hard
160 x 2
160 x 2 : yes half way there!
160 x 2
160 x 2
160 x 2 : thank f0ck, done!

Military Press
60 x 6 : paused reps
60 x 6 : not paused
60 x 5 : paused reps

Clean pulls
50 x 3
90 x 3
110 x 3
130 x 3
150 x 3

Romanian Deadlifts
130 x 6
130 x 6
130 x 6

Pendley rows supersetted with bent leg deadlift
40 x 6; 40 x 8reps
40 x 6; 40 x 8reps
40 x 6; 40 x 8reps

Serious lower back and hammy burn

Decline sit ups

Hamstrings felt burnt out even before I finished the session!



Well done a the English Koing, as Dan John saus "You have to turn up". Heard your bro snatched like a dream too. If all goes well I should be there next year, make up the numbers in the 94's.


good job koing! I think the 148 clean was one of your best clean attempts all things considered


Ive never done clean pulls or snatch pulls before.
How much more weight than your clean and snatch weight do you do for pulls?
If i do 3 reps max with 70kg for cleans, how much weight more should for 3 reps of clean pulls etc.
10 to 20kg more?


Cheers. It was more about competiting then lifting big weights as I wasn't in the right state physically to do anything. I just had to hang in there and get the job done.

Yeah bro 110, 116, 118 @ 69.8kg.

Where abouts in England are you base? See you around mate!


No man. The 148 was terrible lol. Completely folded under it, the bar height wasn't so bad, just didn't really commit with it but by then I was well out of it. When I get back to shape I can smash a 150 Clean. Just need to work on the Jerk to match.



These are the quoted figures:

Clean Pulls: 105% of best C&J
Snatch Pulls: 110% of best Snatch

But it depends on how strong you are and whats your background like. If you've done general weight training/ deadlifts/ squats before you started OLifting you'll be stronger then your technique found. Remember you want to be moving the bar fast from mid thigh to the finish of the pull, strong off the floor and keeping your positions solid. If your positions aren't solid this won't help you lift better.



Well yeah but the pull was really good I think... you were sick, you got injured and have only trained ~10 times and your strength was far lower than normal. If you had more focus I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have crushed you.


Thanks bro. Will probably keep it just under my cleans max for now, take it slow. just wondering a general ball park figure.
thanks again!
opening my own full time mma gym next month and i have an olympic platform and rubber weights for olympic lifting. been doing clean and jerk and snatch for 11 years but not the variations.


I train with Crossfit Manchester. So a bit away from your way. We had a few lifters there, one up against your bro. Did he mess his weigh in up? 69.8 is pretty near the boarder.

I might be coming down to watch the British depending on the date, so might catch you there. My PB's are 100/125 but 105/130 will be done very soon so hopefully I'll have the chance to compete against you next year