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OL Lift suggestions

I usually train for power and speed using some of the power lifts such as cleans/snatches both hang and power, squats, Good mornings, reverse hypers etc. Unfortunately I broke my left foot a week ago and the orthpedic specialist says he doesn’t want me to put any pressure on the foot for at least 4 weeks. With this in mind, can you T-people suggest different lifts that I can do for the next little while to replace the ones that require me to have both feet on the floor !

Thanks for the help.

Here’s a couple. I know you seem to like your O- lifts Which is Great! I comend you for doing that most people don’t even use those type of movements.

Try these exercise. Try a Dumbbell Shoulder Press sitting on a Swiss Ball, with a wobble board on your feet now with this movement remember the shoulder motions is important but not the main focus. You must keep your stablizer which is your Abs and Lower back tight focus on those muscles instead of the shoulder press Once you able to do a Bi- lateral press try Uni-lateral to make it more challenging.

Now I know you are looking for more speed and exposive movements. Unfortually its hard doing and explosive movement with out using your feet. So I think you should work on your stabilzer muscles more and inturn when you recover from your foot injury I promise you will be strong in O-lifts because your stablizer muscle is stronger.

Another great way to activate your satblizer muscle is instead of doing a Dumbbell or barbell incline with your feet down on the ground try them with your feet up. Just keep your abs and lower back tight.

You might want to try lunges (?), anything on the swiss ball is good, just try to focuse on your core and upper body during your injury to make sure it heals properly. Ask your doc but a push press might satisfy your need for explosive movements.

Hyperextensions, reverse hypers if you have access to a machine (see plusa for details)also leg extesions seated leg bicep curls,incline bench presses, lotsa ab work,db shrugs on an incline facing the back and in seated position.

seated dumbell snatches. Seated dumbell cleans and press. Seated side press. From what I have read, Siff has completely dogged the swiss ball training and wobble board training. I have suspected it as a fad for a long LONG time, but it does look fun, whether or not it is effective.

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