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OL in Sweden

Okey so I decided to start a log to get some feedback on mine and my training buds training.

Mine maxes:
bw 82-84
clean and jerk : 95kg
Power snatch : 65kg

his :
bw around 70
clean and jerk 80kg
snatch 50kg x2, altohugh he is good for more

We bouth just turned 17 and have set a goal to win the swedish champion ship in Ol. we have 3 years to increase each lift with around 40-50kg. We’ve done Olympic lifting seriously now for about 3 weeks.

Currently we are atempting a program that we designed our self, we train 6 days a week and 2 times a day on most days.

I have no log for yesterdays workout but here is todays

A.M Workout
Box jumps, not to high today, didnt feel to explosive

Snatch ( technique work )
40kg x7x3 . some sets for him was with 45 and some of mine was 50, but we decided to cut back to 40 because form wasnt to impressive, also our broomstick at the gym was gone so we had big trouble to get the barbell to the right spot overhead.

snatch grip deadlift 140% of snatch max, atempting to keep a straing back while lifting as much as possible with the legs.
His: 80kg x3,x3,x3,x4
Mine: 95kg x3,x3,x3,x4

Clean grip deadlift 110% of max clean and jerk, same here, focusing on the legs and geting into a good position for the second pull
his : 90kg
mine : 107.5kg

Then we went to bath for 3hours, I guese we where abit to active, should’ve relaxed more because we where spent after.


Clean and jerk 70, 75, 80%
40kg x2
60kg x2,x2
65kg x2,x2
67.5kg x2,x2

Mine (all powercleans, was to stiff to get any real depth)
40kg x2,x2
67.5kg x2,x2
72.5kg x2,x2
77.5kg x2,x2

Clean high pull 90% of max clean and jerk
his : 70kg x2,x2,x2
Mine : 85kg x2,x2,x2

This day was pretty tough, I feel pretty banged up, and I guese he does aswell, shoulders is starting to take a beating aswell as my hips.

Wednesday :
no training today, reason begin that our shoulders feels strange, and that my family is gonna celebrate me today and that I dont have any money for the bath today yet. So today will be louds of eating.

Hum, I trained alone today because I was sleeping and I coudlnt reach my training partner.

Snatch high pull on platform
40kg x3
50kg x3
60kg x3
70kg x3

snatch high pull
70kg x3

40kg x3x4

Power clean and jerk
40kg x2
60kg x2
70kh x1
80kg x1
90kg x1 - damned easy
100kg x0 - didnt dare to, I have to train more with heaveier weights, also I am not sure if I can powerclean this weight, I should probably practise more full cleans

Front squats
40kg x4
60kg x5
70kg x4
80kg x5x5 - this was insanely easy, could probalby have done 7x7. will increase weights next time

Bench press
35kg x12301203120
65kg x1
70kg x1
80kg x1
90kg x1
Benching feels good again, my shoulder is almost healed.

Tomorrow I hope he wakes up so I can get 2 workouts in again

only one workout today, gym closes early.

Warmup, complexes, oh squats…

40kg x2,x3,x3,x3
45kg x3,x3,x3,x3
50kg x15x1 something

Some snatches on 50kg feelt realy good, getting better

Fredriks workout :
front squats
40kg x6
50kg x3
60kg x5x5 - easy…

and mine:
clean deadlifts
50kg x5
90kg x3
110kg x3
120kg x2

Tomorrow I think there’ll be some clean and jerking

warmups. complexes.

40kg x2,3,4
45kg x2,x2,x2,x2
50kg x1xatleast 20set

clean and jerk
40kg x3,x3
60kg x2,x2
70kg x1 | 65kgx1
80kg x1 | 72.5kg x1
92.5kg x0 | 80kg x0
90kg x0 |

Prying atg overheadsquat with suport and pressure x5

Lost all strength and explosiviness after the snatches I guese, tomorrow will be a rest day

One question: why dont you join a olympic lifting club? I think working with a trainer would help you guys alot.

Good luck with training

Hum, there isnt any olympic lifting clubs around realy, never heard of one, there is a PL club here but no OL.

We do get coaching tho, on thusedays.

Thanks for your encouragement


Might have a club around depending on where you live. If you live in Stockholm you can come to my club and lift, we have a good bunch of people lifting OL.

Just checked through your list, doesnt seem like Gävle has a club :\ . I guese we’ll have to form our own when the time comes , hopefully. xD .

had some practise today


40kg x4 - focusing on row work
40kg x4 - fast under bar
40kg x4 - powersnatch + oh squat
50kg x2x2
60kg / 55kg x1
67.5kgx1 pr/ 60kg x0
70kg x0 / 60kg x1 pr

clean and jerk
bar x5
50kg x2x3
60kg x1x2
80kg x1 / 70kg x1
90kg x1 / 75kg x1
95kg x0 / 0kg x0

front squats
50kg x x
82.5kg 5x5 / 62.5kg 5x5

2 workouts tomorrow. probably alot of snatching

workout today:
warmups. blabal.

snatch :
40kg x4 - focusing on row work
40kg x4 - fast under bar
40kg x4 - powersnatch + oh squat
50kg x2xX
60kg x1 / x0 x1 / x0. he had problems with 60 today.
50kg x2xX

deadlifts, no mixed grip
60kg xX
100kg x5-6
120kg x3 - started tearing calusses here, so we stoped

then he had a rest and I did silly stuff.

one arm barbell snatch
30kg x3

lots of strange jumps…

including some swimming
he did 200m with the other guy who trained with us but I only did 100.

workout number 2
Was spent, the mood was down at zero and both feelt depressed. 40kg looked like 60kg but we still did some snatches, like 10-15 total from 40-50kg

and I tried some benching again, shoulder feeling better again
20kg x123123
30kg x102312
40kg x8
50kg x8
60kg x1
70kg x1
80kg x1
90kg x1

I dont think we will workout tomorrow, but perhaps.

super weak today, just half assed some squats, deadlifts, snatches, military presses and pull ups, 3-4 reps with relatively low weight, nothing that should send me further into this overtraining that I am starting to close into.

Tomorrow 2 workouts again. Let’s go

Had a few rest days to get back on track again, I’ll start training tomorrow again, probably light tho since I’ll train with the ol coach on thuseday and want to do my best that day

couldnt get any food today so I did this workout more or less whitout any food, I ate some chips and yoghurt before.

snatchs :
40kg x3x4
50kg x2x2
60kg x1
65kg xfail… hum bad…

50kg x5
80kg x5
100kg x20 - overhand grip, 3 sek rests 2-3 times in the set since grip gave upp in the midle of the set

deadlifts on platform
80kg x16 - heavy… could probably have got another 2 or 3 reps but I was satisfied with this

bench press:
20kg x20
50kg x6
70kg x5 - heavy…
75kg x3
85kg x3 - heavy…
90kg x1 - smoke show

Shoulder is finaly back , no pain at all and the strenght is comeing back, I even got a spotter for the 90kg because I was worried that I might miss but the 90kg was probably the fastest lifts of all.

the deadlifts was hard ass hell, atleast the alst couple ones, the worst part wa probably the 10 minutes after when you tried to catch your breath. I’ll increase deadlifts 5kg each time I do deads and try to get around 20reps for aslong as possible,

Got to the workout late today, so I didnt have enough time to do snatches with the coach.

Clean and jerk
50kg x2x4
70kg x2x2
80kg x3x1
90kg x3x1

Yay, I got all reps in and 90 finaly seems easy, even tho I did all those deadlifts yesterday.

after this I just played around with diffrent jumps, walked around in the gym and tested to to all the machines with the weights the guy before me did and just tested my strength a litle light. I’d call it active recovery

todays workout :

clean and jerk
50kg x3x2
70kg x2x2
80kg x2x1
90kg x1x1 - wohaa, high powerclean
95kg xsuper 0 - even the first pull feelt super heavy

40kg x4x3
50kg x3x2
60kg x0,x1,x1
70kg xsuper 0 - heavyyyy
40kg x4x3

oh squats
played aroudn on 40kg

front squats
40kg x6
60kg x3
80kg x1
85kg x5x5 - easy, however I need to improve my stability, it got heavy by the 4th reps the 3 lasts sets for my back to keep upright.



power clean and jerk
50kg x2x2
70kg x2x2
80kg x1 - push press, very litle press, the weight locked out itself
82.5kg x1
85kg x1
87.5kg x1
90kg x1 - no jerk, jerks feelt unstable today
92.5kg x1
95kg x1 - I finaly got 95kg again!
97.5kg x0 - couldnt dive under it because I had to tight shorts. But I’ll get this soon enough, cant powerclean it tho, but I should be able to squat clean it

95kg x5
105kg x20 - yes, got it. a litle longer pauses this time and 1-2 more, but nothing exegareted.

20kg x20
50kg x6
60kg x5
70kg x3
80kg x5
85kg x2
went easy today, could probably have goten 5 reps at 85

Broad jumps on top of weights.
about 8-10 jumps, at the end I was up to about 3meters I think.
Then I did some calfs.

took the bus down to the city and waited for the next bus and walked 3km through pooring rain.

Tomorow will be snatches + cleans, I hope wont be to beat tomorrow

coach didnt come today…

40kg x3x3
50kg x2x2 / x1,x0
60kg x1
70kg x3x0 - damn, I cant get this, I dont dare to get under.

just playing around…

front squats
40kg x5 / x6
60kg x3 / x2 - fredrik complained about back pain
87.5kg 5x5 - yay.

20kg xX
50kg x5 / x5
60kg x3 / x3
65kg x1 / x0 - pause. he had a bad day
70kg x1
80kg x1 - pause
85kg x1

No pain in shoulders, should start to go heavy soon.

tomorrow will be swimming. Can anyone give a sample of how they’d train olympic lifting? for the moment we’re trying to increase our pathetic squats and get better technique.


40kg 3x3
50kg / 40kg x2x2
55kg kg x1
57.5kg x1
60kg x1
65kg x1
67.5kgx0 cant get it today, wasted alot of energy

while I did the singels on the snatch fredrik practised form on 42.5kg and powersnatch + overhead squat. I also did about 2 sets after failing 67.5kg

front squats
42.5kg x5 / x5
70kg x3
90kg / 65kg 5x5 - easy…

Looks like an easy day but it was pretty tough, front squats is getting easier all the time. my previous record was 90kg x4 so all the sets was a pr.

Yesterday we swam some at the bath house.

training today :
At home… rest day.

hang snatches with 30kg, focusing on jumping under fast.

30kg x8… I think I am getting to atg with overheadsquats now :slight_smile:

X meter x2… people walking around evrywhere made me feel stupid lol.

probably about 40-50 meters