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Hey everyone. I was reading http://www.elitefts.com/documents/science_of_winning.htm yesterday and this paragraph stood out to me:

"Usually the athletes lift barbells and then immediately drop them. This takes
several seconds. According to Alexeyev’s method, the sportsman finds himself
under the weight for a period of two or three minutes. The entire body must
sustain this prolonged effort, as the athlete completes several consecutive
exercises without letting go of the equipment. [Note that this would refer to
various hybrid exercises, as described in my “Supertraining"2000 book, p397,
436 Mel Siff]. The weight of the barbell is relatively light, but the
varied work with it affects every muscle cell.”

And I thought that I may be beneficial for me to add some of these lifts. Currently I have a heavy, medium and light day for snatch and C&J. My medium day is basically a RE day for the competition lift, up to 3reps for the heaviest set. I was thining of replacing this RE work with some of these “hybrid lifts”. Problem is I can’t seem to come up with very many. Please post any hybrid ifts that you can come up with. They can involve any lift that can be done with a barbell: Power clean, power snath, power jerk, classic snatch, classic C&J, BS, FS, OHS, OH Press, bent rows (with snatch or clean grip), Squat thrusters, High pull, SLDL, Push press or whatever else that you can think of. I would lead off with an example but even now I’m drawing a blank. Please help.

I used to warm up with Power Snatch/BTN Press/OH Squat

Umm, most people I see nowadays don’t do much but I’ve seen one guy doing an old program our coach used to do in the 80’s. PowerClean + 5front squats + clean and jerk

Classic ones :
PowerClean + Clean and Jerk
PowerClean + Powerjerk + Clean and jerk
Snatch to OH Squat
Hang Power Snatch to OH Squat


be creative but imo a real program is ideal

You could give this a try - I sometimes use it as a warmup on my snatch days.

Hang snatch pull -> hang snatch high pull -> hang power snatch -> hang squat snatch -> overhead squat -> behind the neck press -> back squat -> drop snatch.

This sort of stuff will hammer you pretty quickly though, so you might want to reconsider doing it on your medium days. It kills me just warming up with an empty bar.

I used to like doing power clean+BN push presses+OH back squats. These compound exercises, with more than 70% 1RM, are brutal. Only did them if I was at a plateau. But, IMHO, I think we’re really getting into stuff you should use rarely.

hang power clean > front squat > pushpress > back squat > pushpress

Power snatch > OHD SQUAT > back squat > push press > OHD squat

RDL > power clean > Front squat

Cosgrove(i think it was him) has written a few articles lately with alot of hybrids

Thank you.