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OL-Equipped Gyms in Tampa, FL


I'm taking a trip to Tampa tomorrow for a couple days. I would like pull some light snatches and C+Js to keep the groove fresh. The T-Nation search engine has yielded the names of a few good gyms (i.e., places you can squat and DL heavy), but I'd like to know if there any places that actually have platforms, bumpers, and let you drop weight from rack and overhead.


My name is Mike, I'm Ross's brother. I'd also like to pull some snatches in Tampa. Any help appreciated.


There is usually some snatch to be pulled in Ybor;)If you want to see some snatch I would check out club 2001


It's always gratifying to know that however vulgar and uninventive the rest of the world becomes, there will always be an ivory tower of high-minded thought and dispassionate contemplation here at T-Nation.



Ybor should be avoided.

Where in Tampa btw? Im near Temple Terrace right now.

Looking to make my way towards Clearwater soon.