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Oklahoma...To See About a Girl?


Hey fellas, I'm in Toronto Canada, and I had the luxury of meeting a really sweet, sexy, attractive young girl from Oklahoma.

Simple question is, would you move to Oklahoma for a girl? A great girl? What do you know about the state, if you live there, can you sell it?

Her being there has me sold, I'm just looking for some insight from anyone who has spent some significant time there or lives there.

Oh, specifically it's Oklahoma City.

Any stories good or bad on long distance relaionships and/or relocactions?


OKC is a cool town. I wouldn't go there for a girl, but I would go there.


Hey, congrats, man. :slightly_smiling: That's nice for you. :slightly_smiling:

My husband and I met and had a long distance relationship. I'm from CT, he's from TX. It is a HUGE culture shock as well as climate shock, but I've been here 8 yrs and I'm ok. :slightly_smiling: We've been married since August 1997.

Give it a go, man. :slightly_smiling:


ok im from texas and i know this is going to sound like a texan bashing oklahoma but it's not imo oklahoma really sucks man, the roads are shit they have a lot of toll roads the whole god damn state is run down. I had to go from north texas to indiana.To avoid goin into oklahoma i drove through arkansas. now that being said okc is one of the nicer areas in oklahoma and for the girl i loved and i mean i would have to love her not like love i would move any where even oklahoma.thats just my opinon i could very well be wrong. Good luck man.


Why not get her to move to Canada?


Wait, what's wrong with her moving to Canada? If you're in love, it doesn't matter.


9/10 I'd go for it. The last 1/10 is really depending on what my roots are back home.

If you don't have everything going for you or something going that cant be done elsewhere, go for it.

Its like an adventure, its a risk, it makes life worth living.

Plus, its a great story to tell your kids, and very romantic for when you publish your biography.


Why not both of you move somewhere?


OKC's nice. Avoid the rural areas. And do not become a Sooner fan. F&*$ing land thieves.


I grew up in Oklahoma, and have lived in Indiana and now Missouri. I love the culture of Oklahoma, and the people there are great. Unfortunately, it is a bit depressed economically (my observations over decades). Although, OKC is a more built urban area than smalltown,OK.

You will have culture shock. Forget about cool forests and mountain streams. You will be oppressed by the humid heat of hell. No more trout and moose. Get ready to Bass fish in ponds, and hunt little bitty deer that look like they have been on the Velocity diet. I'm not saying don't move...just be prepared.

That said, what is love worth? Does Canada have your girl? NO! So, go get her! You can always move back!


Let's not forget he's moving out of Canada. That makes everything better, except Taxachusetts.

Unless you're tied to some fantastic career, you can chalk it up to learning about life, no matter what happens. OKC may be a good way to cut your teeth for a real town :wink:


You're moving out of Canada

You're subverting yourself to the whims of your girl, you better be damned sure that it is going to workout before you take a step like that.


Oklahoma. Tornados. Enough said.-Jules


Oklahoma is OK. Haha, had to say it. It's not to bad. And you can trout fish. Tishomingo stocks trout in the Blue River during the winter and so does Pawhuska lake. The river running off the Broken Bow lake has trout in it year round. It can be 100 degrees outside and the stream/river will be a nice 62. People that don't like OK, just haven't been around it. The southeast has a very heavily forrested mountain range and the Southwest has a nice range too. It's more like New Mexico type land scape. Really good climbing areas and awesome granite walls.

I could go on, but it puts you in the middle of a lot of nice territory. And as far as heat goes, you're only talking about two months. In return for that you don't have that God forsaken white shit all winter long.


Ahh,Oklahoma.Real pretty girls there,but not a whole lotta jobs.OKC is decent though,I had a buddy who moved to McAlister for a girl,and lasted 6 months before he moved back to Memphis.This is no joke,the best job offer he had was being a pig farmer.


I worked there for a summer, and I thought it was not bad. This should be taken with a grain of salt, as I grew up in Ohio, which isn't exactly a hot tourist destination.

The people there, as a whole, are pretty old fashioned, and pretty friendly.


Wow! Talk about sugar-coating, the answer is NO NO NO.

I have a lot of family in Oklahoma, mostly in Tulsa and there is no way in hell I would move there. The state is slow as sin, just old fashioned and blah. Stay in Toronto my boy if you dont love this girl you'll hate her later for "making" you move. Like others have suggested see if she's up for setting up shop in Canada.


Oklahoma is the West Virginia of Middle America. Clearly not a good thing. To any WVians and OKans on this site, you know I'm right.


I agree (except with the Pros part).

Also, I don't think there's a lot of good opportunities in OK as far as jobs go. I'm pretty sure there's not a lot of fun stuff to do there either.

Honestly, you'd probably both be better off in Canada if you aren't out in the middle of no where up there.


Up here it's North Dakota. Nothing but miles and miles of flat nothingness and thousands of hidden nuclear missile silos.