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Oklahoma Thunderstorms


Gotta Love 'em!




That must fuck up a few cars.


The cars in oklahoma actually look better after getting hit by hail.


That is absolutely NO bodyfat! 0.00% Gheez, what's your diet?


I've been in Norman for three years now and have yet to see a good, entertaining storm. When I lived in Ardmore, it was almost a weekly thing during the spring.

If any outsiders wish to see a tornado, just go to

  1. The Village, OK
  2. Moore, OK
  3. Yukon, OK.

If there's not one already there, just wait about ten minutes.


ROFL... like... it echoed in here actually. Anyway, I specifically chose a shoe ad the point of reference for T-Nation.

Other people and forums keep keep saying something like, "Oh, you took a picture with a shoe... that's sorta funny/odd."


Ardmore? Ha! I've been there, I actually have an uncle that lives there! Used to have a Grandma and another Uncle there too but they both passed a few years back. My Uncle's name is Larry Conner ever hear of him?


Don't forget Catoosa OK. I have seen four tornados in my life, all of them on two seperate occasions, and all in Catoosa.


I hate when people don't untie their shoes when they take them off.


I live in Moore and it really isn't all that bad. We got hit with the big one back in 99 though!


I remember the storms in 98 when one went across Hefner and hit the KOCO studios. The video feed went out but audio was still going. Rick Mitchell was yelling at people to "Get the HELL away from those glass doors!" When the tornado hit many people said things like...well there were many FCC fines racked up that day. The audio never quit.

When the sirens go off in Oklahoma it is the call for everyone to grab a beer and head outside to look.



Catoosa is now home of the Cherokee Casino.


The Native Americans (Indians and Mexicans) are slowly getting their country back.


I know this officially makes me a dumbass, but this is exactly what I have done every time I have seen a tornado. The great part is you can tune in your car radio and get a running commentary like you are watching a sporting event. "Look at that, those are cars up there". Kind of like listening to an announcer get excited about a great run for a touchdown.


Reading the title, I thought this would be about cheerleaders or something like that...


Don't worry about it. During those same storms, the sirens are going off and I ran down to 7-11 for another twelver. We sat in the driveway and watched the rotation pass DIRECTLY OVERHEAD while drinking beer and firing up the grill.

That was my first spring back in state after I moved back from Corpus Christi. I missed the sirens. hahaha

I don't really drink anymore, so tornadoes aren't as much fun as they used to be.



You're not a Texas State Legislator are you? :wink:


Nah, I've don't know a Larry Conner, but considering that there's only about 30,000 people in the greater Ardmore area, I bet I know someone who does.


there are people in oklahoma?!

...every time my band goes through there i see exactly one old guy at the gas station we stop at and i can't understand anything he's saying when i ask where wal-mart is...

...i have the same problem in louisiana, except the old guy is black and makes HUGE sweeping gestures and laughs a lot whilst speaking unintelligibly...



Are you really from Montana?
Oklahoma Population 3,450,654
Montana Population 902,195