Okay... What Next?

Hey guy’s need some help. I am 6’4 245 with 15.8% body fat. I was 358 at like 38% back in May of 2004. Now I know i have come a long way but I want to take it to the next level now. I want to lose the rest of this fat and get down to at least 12% and hopefully lower.

I used Westside weight training till winter of '05 and got pretty damn strong. Then I started the velocity diet and lost about another fifty pounds in about four months. I also lost a lot of muscle. Now when I try the Velocity Diet I don’t loose any weight even though I stay on the diet for like 3-4 weeks.

My question what do i do now for fat loss? I already lift 4 times a week and run for about a half hr 2 days a week and take saturdays off. I take HOT-ROX and Alpha Male. What do I need to do to get down to that 12%?

Stupid question, but when you did the V-diet the second time, did you recalibrate the number of calories?

You are not going to make another 50# drop, and after such rapid weight loss you will need to let your body stabilize. I would suggest something like the T-Dawg diet for a while, coupled with one of Waterbury’s programs. The weight loss will be slow compared to what you have just gone through, but about 2#/week loss will get you down to where you want to be over the course of a couple of months.

bottom line

you gotta eat less.

The weights and cardio will help the process obviously, but ultimately, you’ll need to consume fewer and cleaner calories. It depends on your time frame as to how radical you want to become.

Begin by eliminating processed carbs. Then by limiting carbs to early in the day. Eating often with a clean protein source at each meal will help with thermics and satiety. Make sure to consume enough dietary fat with your first 2-3 meals of the day.

You may consider dropping dairy products for a while to see if this helps. For some, this is an easy and often times ovewrlooked step. And for some it has drastic results.

It’s all about refinement. As you get closer to your goals, you’ll need to tweak more and more. If you are planning on staying in the 10-12% range, be prepared to give up alot and be quite rigid with your diet and workout.

Yea i recalibrated the calories on the second go round of the Velocity diet

Ok. I am at college right now and eat mainly from the caf. Very hard to find carb source that is not processed. Any ideas? Another question is when is the optimal time to get my lifting and cardio in? Some say in the morning, yet others say morning cardio causes muscle breakdown.